Greener cleaner

I have been on a (vague and random) mission over the last couple of years to use greener cleaning products. If you’ve ever sprayed cleaning stuff in a glass cubicle shower in a badly ventilated bathroom you’ll understand why. And of course there’s eco benefits, health and safety benefits etc. My first motivation though was I didn’t want to be totally overcome by fumes just for the sake of a cleaner shower. The first one I tried (I forget the name) was peppermint smelling. Oh wow, I liked that stuff. Too much in fact. I sprayed it any chance I got on any surface I could find. I also liked that if it is ingested the chance of needing medical help is unlikely. But as a cleaner of actual scum and stovetop marks and dirt it was pretty wimpy.And the price…

The next one (b_e_e multi-surface cleaner) was better. It was a decent price, made here in New Zealand (if you’re going to go green that include air miles and local economy too after all), actually cleaned dirt really well with little effort, the smell was nice and subtle and it lasted ages. I liked it a lot. But again we were back to a bottle of something that would require medical help if ingested. I wanted something that was safe to drink – if utterly disgusting tasting. Also economical and perhaps something I could make smell the way I wanted.

greener cleaner

After researching online I found a ton of recipes for various cleaners but on a whim I settled for one out of a library book. 600ml (1 pint) white vinegar, 300ml (1/2 pint) water and 20-30 drops of eucalyptus oil. The vinegar cost $1.85 for a 750ml botle which actually had 850ml of vinegar so I was pretty happy so far. The eucalyptus oil was $9.50 though and STUNK the house out. It’s part of the recipe for both fragrance and disinfecting properties so I included it. A total waste of time. After mixing it in the smell vanished. And the bottle had POISON embossed down the side. NOT eco friendly or child friendly. As a cleaner my experience was mixed. I scrubbed the dirty toilet and basin with baking soda before spraying the cleaner on and scrubbing again. My bathroom smelt like a packet of salt and vinegar chips but the dirt was still there and it make the toilet seat sticky. So for grime that is clearly not the recipe to use. But our glass coffee table loved it. Normal cleaner leaves smears, glass cleaner nearly knocks me out cold from fumes but this stuff, although it required a dry cloth after the wet one it was the best glass cleaner ever. Plus I’ll likely be using it on the benchs from now on (it makes nearly 2 bottles which need to be usedsomehow) but I still need a green bathroom cleaner though.


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  3. I’m a big fan of using vinegar to clean, although I’m not crazy about the smell either. I also like to use Borax, washing soda, and salt for various tasks. I’ve found that my home made solutions usually require a bit of time to just sit on the surface of whatever I’m cleaning before I start scrubbing. Best of luck to you in finding something that you like that works.

  4. That is amazing! My friend just told me to use white Vinegar just on Friday…..I thought it would be worth a try at least. x

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