Fertility weight loss

To qualify for publicly funded fertility treatment (at $1000+ a go it’s our only choice) I have to have a BMI of 32. For a 5’3″ person a BMI of 32 means 85kg or 187lb. I’ve always been on the solid side. I left 82kg behind 10 years ago. In the 2.5 years since I met Dave I have sat on and crushed 82kg into dust.

My first weight in on July 20th 2009 (roughly) was….*gulp* 113.7kg.

(edited a bunch out)

20 May 2010: lots of ups and downs, basically slipped out of the healthy eating/exercise due to moving house etc etc. Joined Weight Watchers on the 18th of May 2010 – official weigh in with clothes and shoes on is 108.7kg. 23.7kg to lose. I hope to hit under 100kg by August 5th to please my doctor – and myself.

9th June 2010: Just a quick update. 4th week of Weight Watchers yesterday, 3rd weigh in. I’ve lost 3.6kg/7.9lb in three weeks. I currently weigh 105.1. At this rate I will hit my double figure target in time to see the fertility doctor.

29th June 2010: I have lost 6.2kg (13.9lb) and over 5% of my starting weight. It’s been a hard slog involving more exercise than I am used to but well worth every bit of work. I look and feel a LOT better, move easier and am actually enjoying exercising. I am also really excited to think about how good I will look and feel when I lose the rest of the weight.

5th September 2010: I have now lost 12.5kg (27.5lb)!  I hit 10%  couple of weeks ago and got my Weight Watchers keyring. I love how I am looking these days and although I don’t feel a HUGE improvement overall my knees feel better and my fitness is through the roof compared to when I first began. I am doing a 10km walk in a couple of weeks.

29th September 2010: Funny the difference a month makes. I did the 10km walk a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. There’s even talk of a duathlon next April. When did I become this person?? I’ve now lost 14.5kg or 31.9lb. Current weight is 94.2kg. Take 2kg off for my clothes and I am really actually getting closer to the 80’s!!

15th August 2010: Weight loss has slowed right down but is still progressing steadily – I’ve still only had one gain so far. I’ve now lost 15.1kg total (33.2lb) and weigh 93.6kg – thats 91.6kg on the hospital scales! I have 3 weigh ins to go before my next fertility appointment and really hope to move some or all of that 1.6kg.

I ended up weighing exactly 90.0kg on the day!

10th January 2011: I ended 2010 with a total weight loss of 20.1kg (over 44lb). I have 1.6kg left to go to get referred for treatment. Yes!

5th June 2011: Wow, forgot to update this page this year! I’ve now lost a otal of 23.9kg – it differs though: it was 24.5kg last week for example! Ahem. But we got referred in February, saw the specialist in March, Dave had spermies frozen in My and our IVF cycle begins in January next year! With any luck we’ll be parents by Christmas 2012!

14 responses to “Fertility weight loss

  1. rhiannon

    what an awesome, brave thing to be doing! i’m at the opposite end of the game, i’m trying to lose weight AFTER having a baby. but i will definitely keep up with your progress, and if it helps, will keep you updated with mine. we might encourage each other along? my starting weight is 101kgs as of this morning. we can do this! : )

  2. Go for it !!
    You will never regret the hard work to get there .

  3. bookwormbethie

    You can do it! And to help encourage you, I have decided to give up chocolate! I clearly must be crazy, but I have done it. It’s been 2 or 3 days now. I think it’s more realistic for me to give up chocolate than try to go on a fabric diet 😉

  4. rhiannon

    hey hun, how’re things going? i don’t seem to be having much luck.. have only lost a kilo! that said i have only just started with the walking so we’ll see how i go with that.
    will look fwd to an update from you 🙂 x

  5. glendasikes

    15 lbs. is a nice loss!! keep on keepin’ on :).

  6. bookwormbethie

    congrats! 15 pounds in 7 weeks is fantastic. After all, you want to loose the weight gradually and healthily (is that word?!).

    have you weened yourself off soda pop yet?! you could make healthy fruity sodas by buying selzer or soda water and then adding some fruit juice. of course it would taste different, but you’d still get the fizziness and taste/texture of soda pop.

  7. keep up with the weight loss girlfriend!!! But always use the days of slippey mucous, and remember making love is about loving tooo!!..well, you never know you may not need the treatment in the end!!!!

  8. What’s the latest? Keep up the good work and you might want to try the ‘Fruit ‘Til Noon’ idea. It’s rather good and has helped a lot of folk lose a good lot of weight.=) You can have as much as you like, but try not to eat in more than 2 or 3 portions/batches as your teeth will suffer if they have to fend off more than about 5 meals/snacks per day.

    Good hunting!

  9. poesje

    Hey… I just gotta say… it’s cool that you are trying to loose weight. That’s good and healthy. But you were not on “the solid side” you were awfully overweight and this is not coming from some skinny model. Just don’t lie to yourself and others about that. It’s quite sad.

    Keep on going though!

    • Wow way to not be supportive. I have a dear friend (her baby is sleeping about two feet away as I write) who has PCOS. She was told by many doctors to lose weight before she had a baby, they told her all kinds of nonsense about having gastric bypass etc. BECAUSE of the PCOS she is a woman of size and also had fertility issues, they go hand and hand with PCOS. I do not know if that is what our lovely blog mistress has that is her business, however assuming that just because a woman is of size that a. she is automatically not healthy, or b. isn’t healthy enough to have child, is flat out wrong. With the help of a great fertility doctor here, no invitro, not a huge amount of tries, my friend got and stayed pregnant, had a healthy baby girl and is over the moon happy.

      To our blog mistress, I wish you all the best with your weight loss and your fertility issues. I hope all goes well and you have the baby of your dreams.

      Don’t let anyone, or anything get in way of your dream to have a child.


  10. Fabulous weight loss. I need to lose weight as I am very over weight. Reading your story is inspiring. All the very best wishes with the IVF and I so hope your Gran gets to meet her great grandchild x

  11. bookwormbethie

    glad you gave us an update 😉

  12. Denise

    Hi Steph, thank you for a very warm and inspiring blog. I pray that one day you will hold your much loved baby in your arms.

  13. bookwormbethie

    happy ending, yay!

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