Change of plans

An exceptionally needy cat with no idea just how much humans like to sleep at night and a grumpy exhausted boyfriend (because of many nights of said needy cat) put paid to my plans for a day in town. I doubt I could have opened my eyes at 7am even if you paid me. So I decided to do my shop update today to keep busy and not think about how hot it is and how tired I am and how very much I want to strangle my cat. Remind me why I want to have a baby when it seems like I already have one.

This was featured on the CRAFT blog which is always exciting (welcome to all the new readers of my blog):


This was finished last night while I waited for the cat to settle down for the night:

little boy blue bunting

They can be found here with a bunch of other things.


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2 responses to “Change of plans

  1. my3boysandi

    lovely πŸ™‚
    not so lovely about your cat:(

  2. one good apple

    very cute! i made a similar banner for my parents’ wedding anniversary celebration in october and it was rather nerve-wracking unravelling it on the night and finding out if i’d spelt ‘happy anniversary’ properly πŸ™‚

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