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Calendula baby balm

(My blood test results came back saying all the right things on Tuesday! Yay! I was able to begin my second daily injections last night and reduce my morning dosage. The symptoms have eased in the last couple of days and hopefully the new injection will help them ease further. I would really like my short term memory back please!)

Calendula Balm

After Ginny blogged last year about making calendula/comfrey baby bottom salve I decided it would be a perfect project to try so I scattered some calendula seeds in my newly planted garden bed and waited for them to grow. Sweet mother of…they took an eternity. Then about 2 days before they (and I) were ready to pick the entire garden got thrashed by a wind storm. Despite ending up a foot back from where I originally planted them they were one of the few garden survivors. I used Ginny’s instructions and it worked perfectly. The pellets I used were very light compared to the bars in the photo so the balm is lighter than I expected but it’s still balm. I left out (okay I forgot) the comfrey but might try it next time.

Since I am not having a baby until at least November I think I will give this batch away (does 2 small tubs count as a batch?) but luckily it’s ‘baby season’ so that shouldn’t be hard to find a recipient. The good thing about calendula balm is that it’s all purpose, not just for baby bottoms and diaper rash. It’s also perfect for the little bangs and bruises kids like to collect so I think this will become an annual project. I don’t know about you but around my house the adults do the occasional bit of wound collecting too. Dave looks like he’s hugged a hedgehog when the cats have finished kneading his arm. Hmmm maybe I better keep one tub.


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Eco bottle cosy

A truly exciting title. Some spell it cosy, some spell it cozy. Either way I bought an ecotanka water bottle several weeks ago and it definitely needed one. The instant I filled it with water it became seriously cold! There was no way I could walk around holding it without risking frostbite so a cosy was in order.

eco bottle cosy

As luck would have it the very day after I decided it needed a cosy I found my very first wool item at the thrift store, prefelted (possibly the reason it ended up there!). The bottle fit perfectly in a sleeve, I unpicked a pocket for the bottom and handsewed it on in about 5 minutes and voila, a cheap, warm bottle cosy to save my fingers. Hopefully in summer it will help keep the water cold because there’s nothing so gross as a nice chug of refreshingly cold water in summer, only to find it’s gone tepid. I couldn’t decide how to decorate it so I left it plain but the plain look is growing on me. Not everything needs to be fancy.

It's a square

And ta da!! My very first attempt at crocheting a square. Yes I know you think you see a triangle but I think if you look again you’ll find that it’s a square. It certainly was meant to be! I think I learnt to decrease without even trying. How very clever of me! Hopefully attempt 2 will have more of a 4 sided quality about it!


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An actual craft post!!

Really Steph? You’ve remembered that you have a craft blog, not a cat blog? About time! But seriously first I have to thank those of you who left kind comments, donated money and bought something in my etsy. We so SO appreciate it. Rastus is doing better today, his eye is less swollen, he doesn’t seem to be in pain and he has been super smoochy which I think means he learnt something from his whoopin’. Ginga got jumped by one of their cats today too on our property, and got several nasty gouges so….it’s on now. I was debating saying something to our ‘dear’ neighbours and I am absolutely going to now. Spay your cats, trim their claws, pay my vet bill, parent your fatherless baby, stop the parties, stop your car alarm going off at 4am, stop littering our path and please oh please just MOVE OUT. Not sure if it will get anything other than a snort from them but I have to try.

~deep calming breaths~

Moving on…I have been particularly crafty lately. You know those clear plastic bags you put your produce in at the supermarket? What do you do with them? They usually end up in the rubbish or recycling bin after one use right? Not many people other than my grandma reuse them. I don’t and have been feeling bad about throwing them out so I decided to make a couple of tulle produce bags.

Reusable tulle produce bags

They are feather light, were much easier to sew than I was expecting and took very little tulle and time. Tulle has a tendency to rip easily but I can sew any little holes shut to extend their life and while it’s not the most natural of materials the reusability factor makes me feel just that much better about making an effort.


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Greener cleaner

I have been on a (vague and random) mission over the last couple of years to use greener cleaning products. If you’ve ever sprayed cleaning stuff in a glass cubicle shower in a badly ventilated bathroom you’ll understand why. And of course there’s eco benefits, health and safety benefits etc. My first motivation though was I didn’t want to be totally overcome by fumes just for the sake of a cleaner shower. The first one I tried (I forget the name) was peppermint smelling. Oh wow, I liked that stuff. Too much in fact. I sprayed it any chance I got on any surface I could find. I also liked that if it is ingested the chance of needing medical help is unlikely. But as a cleaner of actual scum and stovetop marks and dirt it was pretty wimpy.And the price…

The next one (b_e_e multi-surface cleaner) was better. It was a decent price, made here in New Zealand (if you’re going to go green that include air miles and local economy too after all), actually cleaned dirt really well with little effort, the smell was nice and subtle and it lasted ages. I liked it a lot. But again we were back to a bottle of something that would require medical help if ingested. I wanted something that was safe to drink – if utterly disgusting tasting. Also economical and perhaps something I could make smell the way I wanted.

greener cleaner

After researching online I found a ton of recipes for various cleaners but on a whim I settled for one out of a library book. 600ml (1 pint) white vinegar, 300ml (1/2 pint) water and 20-30 drops of eucalyptus oil. The vinegar cost $1.85 for a 750ml botle which actually had 850ml of vinegar so I was pretty happy so far. The eucalyptus oil was $9.50 though and STUNK the house out. It’s part of the recipe for both fragrance and disinfecting properties so I included it. A total waste of time. After mixing it in the smell vanished. And the bottle had POISON embossed down the side. NOT eco friendly or child friendly. As a cleaner my experience was mixed. I scrubbed the dirty toilet and basin with baking soda before spraying the cleaner on and scrubbing again. My bathroom smelt like a packet of salt and vinegar chips but the dirt was still there and it make the toilet seat sticky. So for grime that is clearly not the recipe to use. But our glass coffee table loved it. Normal cleaner leaves smears, glass cleaner nearly knocks me out cold from fumes but this stuff, although it required a dry cloth after the wet one it was the best glass cleaner ever. Plus I’ll likely be using it on the benchs from now on (it makes nearly 2 bottles which need to be usedsomehow) but I still need a green bathroom cleaner though.


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