interesting blog search terms

I saw this on another blog ages ago and after checking through the terms that people use to find my blog I decided I had to save the best ones to share with you. Mostly the terms are things like ’embroidery transfer’ or ‘free embroidery pattern’, totally harmless and not funny. Plus occasionally people search for ‘lovestitches’ directly which is always good for the ego. These terms however, I have no explanation for. In some cases words just plain fail me.

where can i find plans to build a baby d: this one drove me nuts. A baby d…WHAT??

one of my good day: okay then…

awesome historical patterns: when regular ones just won’t cut it.

free turtle love making pictures: dude, wrong blog. Seriously.

homer simpson goes to confession: okily dokily.

dave’s embroidery*: the * was a nice touch I thought.

ragdoll run: I’m assuming they mean a run like a ladder, not a ragdoll running. But with google you just never know.

new year mails for employees: I got a surprising number of searches for variations of ‘new years mail’ around New Years but I have no idea why. The employees bit makes it even more weird.

shop name on p: WHAT?

prayers for an achy heart: wrong blog to come to for that but I hope they found some. Plus anyone else think of Billy Ray Cyrus when they read that?

keep photcopies from blurring craft: don’t rub them together?

stitchy babe.: Yeah I am.

what if you don’t use twill tape: well then the world will end.

dentist site:http://lovestitches.wordpre: WHAT??

man with elephantitis in water: you need help, whoever you are.

Have you had any search terms that made you laugh or drop your jaw? Share with us!


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13 responses to “interesting blog search terms

  1. Those are hilarious!

    That “*” is supposed to be used for a “wildcard” search, such as embroider*….this should result in searches that find embroideries, embroidery and embroidered…they just put it in the wrong spot, which is really hilarious to me 🙂

  2. Funny, funny, funny! Makes me wonder what really stupid stuff I’ve searched for . . .

  3. I had 3 google searches come my way when titled a blog entry”Husbands away, the wife will play” Of course I was talking about crafting, who knows what they were searching for!

    Totally funny…My fave is “homer simpson goes to confession”. Please do explain how they came to find you using those terms…do you have a pocket embroidery pattern using poor little Homer?

  4. So funny! I can’t think of any funny terms that I have seen for my blog. It is interesting to me though, that the most popular search for my blog comes from a silly little handwashing poem I posted a year ago.

  5. This is hilarious! I’ll have to check and see what I come up with. And like a previous commenter, I’m wondering what idiotic things I’ve googled.

  6. bookwormbethie

    hilarious, i have a ‘google’ category where i occassionally post the crazy search terms that people have landed at my site with, my weirdest so far had something to do with elves brushing their teeth!

  7. Haha, you’re not alone. This is one of the many things I love about WP. I usually get stuff like “sexy woman dreads”. I know I’ve gotten some weirder ones – I’ll have to start writing them down, too. 🙂


  8. P.S. I found you thru Renaissance Mama’s blog. I swear I wasn’t Googling anything about elephantitis.


  9. hehe those are so random! how did you find the google search terms for your blog?

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