My new workbasket is sort of working. By that I mean I did something from in it. Admittedly for that one project I removed I then added ummm…six. So yeah, statistically it’s not looking good but the theory is sound. Something actually got done and it was something I had put off for months which is a bonus.

Tea staining - first try

I experimented with tea dying. Not terribly successfully as you can see but now I have an idea of what to do for next time. First thing I learned was not to use an old t-shirt. The sweaty pit stains may have been washed out long ago but the tea will still stain them like you just ran a marathon with tea coloured sweat. Mmmm sexy. I also could have used a bigger bowl with more water and tried the recommended 2-3 hours rather than the 15 or so I dyed it for. My timing is off, I have a habit of starting projects at 9pm at night and realising that rinsing and machine washing fabric at midnight on a weeknight may piss Dave off a little bit. I was hoping to use the t-shirt fabric to make one of sooz’s steiner dolls but it came out far too blotchy to use so I might have to actually buy some.

Anyway…just so the only photo in this entry is not of discoloured t-shirt scraps here’s one from the Tiny Tales book I thrifted the other day. It’s my favourite illustration from the book although I scanned a few if anyone wants to see more.

Three Helpful Kittens


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5 responses to “Experi-mental

  1. Cute illustration…..better luck on the tea dying for next time….xx

  2. That’s funny…I just tried tea dying for doll making this week as well! My results…about the same as yours. Better luck next time. 😉 That illustration is adorable.

  3. Yet to start my work basket, I am still in the garage . . .I have tea dyed but only flowers, had a good result though, they hadn’t been sweaty in a past life! Such pretty images . . . have a good day – Rachaelxo

  4. donkeyinawhitecoat

    dear god. I am so in love with that Tiny Tales book. Before I even read your entry, I saw it in the picture yesterday and I WANTED IT. OH HOW I WANTED those two little fat furry friends on the cover. That book is truly a treasure.

  5. What an adorable illustration.
    I’m thinking of moving my blog over to wordpress. How do you find it? Is it the only blog host you’ve ever used? Am looking for a free service as opposed to paying through the nose for typepad.
    Bye for now, Al

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