a strange feeling

I had a strange feeling this weekend that I had in fact been kidnapped and somehow replaced by an insanely productive person. I did dishes and 2 loads of laundry, read a lot, seriously contemplated baking and then I also took a pile of abandoned projects, unstarted projects and made up on the spot projects combined with some thrifting and sorting and I came up with Finished Objects! Organisation! Okay no, that one’s a lie, organisation and I haven’t talked in a while. But I did find myself with a small pile of finished objects, some of which are headed for a shop update in a couple of days and some of which are headed for Craft 2.0 in April. I’m not entirely sure which objects are headed in which direction but here’s a peek:

I would keep this in a heartbeat if I could hang it on our wall but I can’t so it’s hopefully off to a home where it can be. Made from vintage embroidered linens:
Vintage embroidered bunting

This one is a lot of fun to be around:

I am taking tomorrow off as a mental health day, the past week or so has been long and hard due to a not so nice ‘friend’ of Dave’s and I ended tonight with a wee bit of a cry and I just need to relax so I am headed to town to relax and people watch. No dishes (do they EVER bloody end??) , no money thoughts, no friends who aren’t friends.  See you back here in 2 days! I’ll be the refreshed looking one, and if this weather keeps up possibly the sunburnt one!


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12 responses to “a strange feeling

  1. These are great, really creative of you!

  2. mia

    scientists have really found that there is something in some people’s brains that makes them feel extremely good by hurting others … it has taken me a long time (decades) to deal with family and “friends” … i figure it won’t really “hurt” them if i don’t give them something to hurt me with … i limit my interactions and they go away and find other sources of pleasure … sometimes my smile is just my wonderful way of enjoying my world … and protecting myself … it is not a very big smile, maybe more ironic or sad … because a big smile would attract them … like a bubble or balloon they just can’t wait to burst … the world “shouldn’t” be this way, but i figure why not spend time exploring the many, many good things … btw… your cake and chicken stories will seem so much funnier when you tell them a few years from now … i’ve got one about bread that makes me laugh more every time i think about it !!!!

  3. my3boysandi

    could you use blu tac???

    WTG my friend

    LOL no i dont think dishes ever b####y end. And call me what you want but for the foreseeable future B13 is cooking the dinners and Im doing all the dishes washing and drying – nice not to cook 🙂

    enjoy your day off

    Jen at http://romans1513.wordpress.com/

  4. I absolutely LOVE that first one. It would look so sweet in my sewing room!

  5. What a fab idea….I love the bunting using the vintage linen, love it! ……I think I might have to make one too! x

  6. Those flags are so cute! I hope you have a nice break and enjoy the sun…sounds like you deserve it.

  7. Ann

    Beautiful! And well done on the feature!

  8. Jen

    seriously great idea. i have some unfinished pieces of embroidery from my gram…this’ll be perfect for them. thanks!

  9. Hi Steph!

    I hope your little break helped you refresh and ready to take on another week!
    I love the brown and blue. The polka dots would match my daughters room perfectly!

  10. Just seen your beautiful buntings – I love the one with the old linens. I’ve gone slightly mad in the doily buying recently and think it’s a great way to use them up – if you don’t mind of course? x

  11. I love the way you photographed your bunting. That is so creative!

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