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I think I have mentioned already about how incredibly lucky the thrift stores have been for me this year. Today was another lucky day. I couldn’t leave it there for someone else to buy:

Vintage dolls pram

Right? Right. My grandma had one just like it 70 years ago – as ‘just like it’ as you can tell from a tiny 70 year old over exposed photo anyway. This is the very last dolls toy I am thrifting though (it won’t be) because I am completely out of space (that bit at least is true). But I think it has ‘family heirloom’ written all over it. Plus can’t you see me my kiddo trying to put the cat in it one day? With a knitted cat bonnet (there are patterns online….so I hear).

P.S. I’m bored, not crazy. My cats are in no danger. Other than being at risk of being made to look ridiculous…ly cute.



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It’s like they knew I was coming

I have had what can only be called a dream run of thrifting this year. The rest of my year is generally a suckfest but the thrifting is extra good. Other than the doll stroller and dolls cradle I showed recently you here’s the best finds so far this year:

The Wool Company Utiku 8ply

– The Wool Company Perendale Utiku 8ply, 3 200gm skeins in Desert. This is an old discontinued colour but I’m pretty sure I can find a use for it. I may have actually run into the store when I saw it in the window. It’s more chocolately in real life. You can spot a Weight Watchers member by their ability to compare anything to a food.


– Blocks. Lots of wooden blocks. Big ones and small ones and over a full shopping bag of them. A few have drawing on them which I’ll have to try remove but for $4 it’s a small issue.


– The cutest silliest adult sized mittens. Winter is pretty much here ( I have real issues with winter affecting my mood) and these have put a smile on my face. As soon as they dry from their trip through the washing machine I’ll be threading them through my sleeves every day when I head off for my walk.

A dolls crib

– A dolls crib – as if a stroller and cradle weren’t enough! Another painting project! Yay! It is filthy and in desperate need of paint (what the hell do kids do to their toys?) and then making a mattress, pillow and quilt (yay again!)

There have also been oodles of vintage and modern knitting patterns and craft books. And the exact circular knitting needles I searched everywhere for. And….well now I’m just bragging so I’ll stop. I must admit though….it might be time for a really deep declutter, my craft room is full!


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Doll stroller revamp

It took a while to finish painting itand then I had to handsew the seat onto the frame but it’s finally finished! The stroller was part of a $4 thrift haul (including fabric and 2 wooden bowls so it cost maybe $1), I used about $1.50 of paint and the fabric was a thrifted $3 brand new apron. Total cost approx $5.50 = you can’t go wrong with that. And it’s easily 10,000% cuter. I would like to replace the wheels at some stage but haven’t yet found wooden ones big enough.

Stroller before and after

Now I have to paint that sticker covered dolls cradle and also a dolls crib I got last week when I dropped into the thrift store on a whim. Not sure if I’ll get them done before winter hits and painting weather passes but there’s always dolls quilts to keep me busy. And there’s my knitted scarf which is only 1 inch long and no matter how many rows I knit it doesn’t seem to grow!


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Deep breaths

This year has steadily gotten worse and after today I’m absolutely exhausted and it’s only 3 months into it. I won’t even begin to list the dramas but they are constant and expensive. I knew early on that this year was going to suck but I had no idea (thank goodness!) just how draining it would actually be. It’s really really forcing me to look for the positives – which is nice but doesn’t come naturally to me. So I think it’s time for a deep breath to ponder the positives of this rather trying year:

– I made scented playdough for the fair today. It didn’t sell well but sometimes people just don’t behave the way you want them to. And damn, it did smell good – that chocolate one in particular was very trying for this struggling weight watchers member! Thankfully it has salt in it so I won’t actually try eating it!

Scented playdough

– After nearly 2.5 years of not embroidering I was inspired by finding a nearly finished badbird design I started….a long time ago. I can’t wait to finish it and make it into a softie.

Waiting for me

– I got a letter from the fertility place about our appointment with good medical news. More progress which is good, now we just wait for that pesky funding and a date for treatment.

– I saw these on the thrift store counter when I was buying a book and needless to say I couldn’t resist. Sheepskin lined baby booties – winter is so close and I really am tempted to try make a pair in my size:


– Dave bought me a new desk from the thrift store today which is much more suited for my sewing room than my old one. We had to slot it into the car like a jigsaw puzzle which was….fun. I do love that man.

– I got to hold a sweet 2 year old girl last week. Oh my. Good thing she was too heavy to run off with! (bad joke!)


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Dolls Cradle

When I go to a thrift store I usually pick up some cheap knitting needles or a vintage crochet pattern or something little to tuck in my bag. But there are times where you find an item so awesome, so perfectly what you wanted that you will do crazy things like drag it home on a bus, train and another bus (and a 10 minute walk at the end) just because…if you’re a thrifter you’ll know why I did it:


Totally worth it. I thrifted a dolls cradle in 2008 but I had no space to keep it. This time…it’s a keeper and I’ll make space if I have to! I’m going to remove the stickers, give it a sand and repaint it. The dolls stroller I got recently is waiting for the rest of the first coat of paint still but since summer is now decidedly gone I will need to finish both of these asap. It needs a new mattress and quilt made too, painting and sewing. Yay!


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Getting knitty with it

I’m uploading photos for ravelry so I thought I’d share them here – just to show (myself as much as you) that I have been doing something despite feeling lazy. Oh and I have the mother of all lucky crafty thrift scores to brag about show you.

This yarn started as a scarf. I tried to make it into a scarf 4 times. Different stitches, different needle sizes. It refused to be a scarf. But it doesn’t seem to mind becoming a simple doll blanket. Just big enough to go in a dolls crib.

Doll quilt in progress

A very basic headband to keep the constant wind off my hair. I’m tired of looking like a banshee after a walk.

ribbed headband

Burp cloths for the baby basket. The green one striped up so awesome but it is a little short, I just decided on a whim to use up the end of that ball of cotton:

Burp cloths for ravelry

My thrift score….

Thrift score

I found 2 balls of Inca (12 ply) in a yarn store end of line basket for $3.50 a ball (usually retails for $8) and felt rather thrifty. Until I found 15 balls for $13.50 in a thrift store. Same dye lot as the other two balls even. I’ve never had more than 2 balls of any one yarn in the same colour before so 17 really gets the creative juices flowing. I’m thinking a basketweave scarf for starters – the yarn is soooo soft. Then a cushion cover would be extra luxurious. Oh inspiration who know I’d have to pay $13.50 to find you?


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Thanks to the edge of two merging tropical cyclones crossing the country it is officially a bajllion degrees. At least. So while I find a breeze to sit (out of the sudden pouring rain) and read (out here in the garage in here’s a few snippets:

– I found this rather faded, ugly dolls pram (with big potential) at the local tip shop. Look for the makeover soon:

Thrifty find

– I started part 2 of babysitting today. 5 days over 2 weeks left to go. I made this yesterday for when I run out of all other ideas. And I will….

Magnetic fishing game

(but he assured me that 5 year olds are NOT too old for playdough. Whew.)

– My stitch markers came! Bought from here. I have several projects to make on circular needles and now I have these I have no excuses not to start them. Except being a chicken.

Stitch markers


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