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We told my gran about our upcoming IVF (if 6 months to go counts as upcoming?) since she’s in her 80’s and well…she may or may not be around when we finally have a baby. So she surprised me with a parcel of ‘Granmade’ baby knitting! It appears she wants a great grand daughter judging by the pink. And apparently there’s more to send but she’s a bit chicken about doing a crochet border. I’m so happy I come from a family of knitters and that even if my gran may or may not be around much longer another generation will get to wear her handmades. Although I might have to get the pattern for that jersey just cos I have a feeling we’ll have a boy (my family has SO many girls and one boy).



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I am a bit wiped out this week and it’s only Tuesday. Last week was emotionally draining and the weekend wasn’t the break it should have been. So here’s just a little bit of happycute mail I got last week – my purchase from Rhiannon‘s felt shop Croutons (because her big label is Toast. Cute right?). There’s nothing like a bit of adorable mail to make you smile:


Now I’m off to try again at knitting. That’s more uglyviolent than happycute but I’m persevering. With a side helping of swearing. People swear knitting is relaxing and I am determined to make it to that point. Right now I just want to take those two pointy sticks and hurl them at those people for lying to me.


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Sewing up a storm

My gran is about 84 and can’t sew anymore so occasionally something will head my way – a little bit of ancient bias binding or something. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s not. I never know what to expect in a package from her. So this weekend when I told her I want to try sewing with knit fabric she said she would send her old knits book and some ribbing down to me but it probably wouldn’t be this week so I completely forgot about it. But I got home from my walk today to find an enormous box jam packed with goodies sitting on my doorstep. I have no idea how she got it to the post office, I had to drag it inside!


Fabric, a LOT of ribbing, patterns, a couple of sewing books, elastic, bias binding, thread, iron on appliques, fleece and even a cut out dress that needs to be sewn together. She can’t find the pattern so it might be quite a challenge trying to get it sewn together and looking like it is meant to!


My gran sent me this little pinafore with the box of goodies. She found it hanging in the wardrobe and thought I might like to sell it. Yeah right! If I have a daughter and have no granmade dresses to dress her in that would be sad indeed. The photo does not convey how delicate and white it is.

I haven’t looked through the box in depth but it will really help to pad out my impoverished stash a lot! I am on a real sewing kick lately. Sometimes I won’t touch my machine for months and then I’ll feverishly slave over it for the next month. I’ve made a couple more fluted toddler hats with thinner fabric which has made them much tidier at the seams.

Bonnet and hats

I also finally made a baby bonnet. I struggled for ages to find a pattern like the one my gran made for me 30 years ago. It photographs terribly but I promise it is excessively cute.

Baby bonnet

Now if only I could find some f&*$#$* boy fabric locally without having to spend a fortune to buy some online. Boys need handmade stuff too!


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Crafting moments

I haven’t felt particularly energetic this week and have chosen to take it rather low key and do a little crafting. There’s just something so satisfying about making progress in long term WIP’s or even starting and finishing a project within the same week.

– I’ve finished dyeing my kool aid colours. A tutorial will be coming next week if you are interested? Now to start my project…


– I spent a wonderful hour sitting on the back steps in the autumn sun making a little progress on my ripple scarf. I’m on track to finish it…in Spring unless I pick up the pace. But oh that hour was just what I needed. A glass of icey cold Coke Zero, a lurking Rastus and overhearing two little boys who were climbing a very big tree nearby. Funniest phrase overheard: “ouch, my ding dong. My ding ding a long.” *snort* kids.

An autumn moment

– Finally cutting into that pile of linens. I so love giving them a second life instead of binning them:


– Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner came yesterday at long last. I have coveted that book for ages.

Handmade Beginnings

– This quilt is the reason why. And oh my gosh this photo even has a tiny little baby on it:

Quilty love

It’s enough to make me get teary to think of making my own version for my own baby. I had to postpone my next fertility appointment until August. It should have been today so it makes me feel more than a little down. This weight loss is hard people. I’m thinking it’s time to call in the big guns. Weight Watchers. *sigh* Tuesdays 6pm, down at the community centre. I can do that. Like my motto says: it’s for a baby, it’s worth it. Plus my mum said she’d help me pay for it. I can live with that.


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Pre-winter nesting

Winter is not my favourite season. The lack of sun gives me the blahs, the constant rain makes them worse and the cold….the cold makes me end up doing nothing all season. I may not like winter but what a waste of a perfectly good season! Back when I knew we were moving into our own house I knew life would just be better. How could it not be? And it is, it really, realllllllly is. I’ll never have to deal with that pucker faced property manager again for one thing. Anyway…it all makes me more determined this year to not fall into the winter blahs. That was the old life. So in this very autumnal season of sunny invigorating days and cosy snuggle-on-the-couch nights I’m taking a little time to prepare and organise for winter. To start I bought a couple of little treats:

Pre-winter treats

The Kwik Sew book was secondhand on Trade Me (it costs NZ$40 new!! ) and comes with the previous owners templates which will be very helpful. I fell in love with the book when I saw this sweet photo. The Cath Kidston book was one I got out of the library and loved it so much I had to order it before I returned my library copy. The cool thing about it is that it comes with the precut materials to make the bag on the cover. I urgently need a new bag and although I suspect it’s a very small bag it will still be perfectly good for my wallet, phone and a small craft project until I find the right fabric for a bigger bag. I have jury duty next week and a bag to pop my current crochet project in will be essential for all the waiting.

The second pre-winter task is organising my WIP’s. That’s a rather ambitious goal considering I have no idea how many I have and have no wish to count them but lets just say I have more than enough for winter and it was time to organise the most likely to get done projects in one place:

Project organiser

The last house had no linen cupboard (renters don’t deserve them apparently) so we bought this cheap kids hanging organiser and put our towels and bedding in our wardrobe. Now we have this garish organiser kicking around so I have hung it in the conservatory with the projects I most want to tackle. They are in no particular order and may change as my mood changes but for now it’s helping me to know exactly where and what my next projects will be. They cover big and small, long and short so I have no excuses. Only time will tell if it works and helps keep the winter blahs at bay. Just in case I bought a copy of Titanic and rented Dances with Wolves. Nothing like snuggling under a blankie on the couch with a hot chocolate and a soppy movie to beat the blahs.


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Right Now

Today marks exactly TWO weeks until we move. We paid the deposit, I’ve booked the movers and it’s really real. The past few weeks have been all about what’s coming soon, what I’ll be glad to get away from and just generally looking ahead. Today I’ve forced myself to stop and look at what makes me happy right now:

– New glasses for the first time in TEN years! I can see!! And $350 less than quoted. Oh yes please.

– My beautiful boy:
My boy

– A kilo (2.5lb) of pure wool for stuffing toys for less than $20. It’s normally twice that at least. Score!

– Recent mail:
Recent Mail

I’m so looking forward to having a garden soon. One of the best things about having our own house has got to be not having to ask permission for every little thing. And I hear only good things about this bread book too.

– Plenty of packing boxes:
Moving boxes

Every day just a little bit more gets packed and stacked. It helps me feel like it’s not a dream – and keep on top of having so very much stuff to pack. This is the first time we’ve been able to afford movers and oh I could cry with relief. Worth EVERY cent.

– Balls:

I felt like making something other than my usual pentagon balls for a change. They make me feel very happy and summery. Not just because it IS summer and I AM happy.


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A dose of the happies

If you read my blog even semi-regularly you know I love to moan. But how boring is that? It’s Christmastime and I don’t want to even think of all the bad things. None of that until after the holidays. I’m bored of it frankly. So here’s to the happy side of life, just this once!

Family Christmas was yesterday. Always fun putting 15 people in a room that normally sits 6. Our motto is “arrive late and leave early”. But it was fun, we got lots of very welcome presents and my grandma was in raptures over her pottery bowl because it matches her curtains.

Crewel flower

I was admiring this small tablecloth and it turned out that my grandma made it in a class! The stitching is tiny, even smaller than my stitches. I had no idea my grandma had ever embroidered. Although from what she said this rather involved project put her off for life! Not what I would have chosen for a beginners class.


Apparently my great grandma made this one! It’s beyond perfect. It is impeccably done, those flowers are repeated on all four corners and that purple stem stitch goes around the whole thing. It must have taken ages and she was clearly an expert embroiderer. She even crocheted the edge trim with the worlds tiniest hook. I wish she had lived long enough for me to learn more about her and appreciate her for more than her candy bowl!

muppet cushion

I also found this cushion at my grandma’s. How many muppets died to make this thing? And why? WHY???

Felting for baby

This was in my mailbox this morning. I love ordering books then forgetting I ordered them. It makes it so much sweeter when they arrive. There are some awesome projects in here and I can’t wait to spend the holiday break trying some of them out.

In other happy news the vet bill will be paid off very soon and life can resume. I haven’t seen next doors cats for days. And for the first time since May Rastus is no longer hissing. A few weeks after we got Ginga back Rastus went to the vet for a bite wound courtesy of next door. Since then he has hissed. At us, at poor petrified Ginga, at the front door, at the bedroom. He refused to set foot in the bedroom. But when he came home from his latest vet stay…no hissing. At us anyway. Poor Ginga still cops it in the face. But he’s 99% back to his old self and we can now pick him up and not fear a paw to the face.I even caught the cats lying bum to bum on the bed one day. I nearly cried. I nearly cry at anything but still…


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