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Embroidery transfer freebies

Two more thrifted crewel patterns which some helpful person has premarked with stitch info and because I get a number of blog hits looking for candlewicking patterns I’ve included a candlewicking tree pattern which would look cute as bluework, redwork, variegated green etc etc. Don’t you love the endless possibilities in embroidery! Now if only I could stop singing….don’t be crewel to a heart that’s true…

Crewel flower 01

Crewel flower 02

Candlewicking tree


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More free vintage embroidery patterns

I found some more embroidery transfers in my stash! They’re really old but very pretty so I scanned them to keep and share. I’ll probably pass on the originals to someone else, it seems that no matter how old transfers get and how ratty they become the thought of throwing out these old treasures still seems wrong. So here’s a couple of butterfly patterns for you. I’m still working on sharing those large patterns but scanning in 4 parts and trying to match them up…driving me nuts!! Even my favourite panorama stitching program refused to help. I may try photocopying next, so I can copy more of the pattern at once. The patterns are starting to flake and I want to preserve the awesome designs as fast as possible.

butterfly 2

butterfly 1

Happy stitching!


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Free embroidery transfers

Yay! Those three words make me so happy. And best of all I’m giving them, not taking them. I finally got around to sorting through my vintage patterns properly and I thought I should scan them since some are in less than ideal condition.  If you want more and are new to my blog they go with the 3 I blogged back in February when I first got the patterns. My scanner no longer scares me so today you get 7 patterns. I still have a few more small ones to scan at some stage so stick around for more later in the week. There’s also several really big ones and as soon as I can figure out how best to scan them (in sections maybe?) I will. They are pretty impressive.

Click on each one to go to my flickr photos where you can download the large size. And if you stitch any of them please let me know, I’d love to see it!

vintage embroidery transfer

vintage embroidery transfer

vintage embroidery transfer

vintage embroidery transfer

vintage embroidery transfer

vintage embroidery transfer

vintage embroidery transfer


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Freebie pattern

I was fiddling with a pattern this weekend and thought I would share it with you. I’m not actually a cross stitcher, but I do like creating patterns. I have no idea how this will look stitched up, perhaps someone will do it and show me? Either way, here’s a free little something for anyone who might be looking for a free little something. (the black line at the bottom of his hat is optional, I couldn’t figure out how to remove it)


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Chicken time

I got some vintage transfers in the mail today, the result of a little foray into buying online rather than selling for once. Dangerous territory but when this is what the mailbox offers up who can blame me?

The chicken one is by…who knows and the other one (in two parts) is from Bestway who I have never heard of so I assume it’s safe to share them.


Top half:
animals 2

Bottom half:
animals 1


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