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Free Christmas embroidery pattern

The newsreaders are currently frightening me with a countdown to Christmas and the first ads have started playing in high rotation on TV. $320+ for a tree and thats without decorations? Yeah right. Not even if I had that sort of money. Anyway here’s a freebie for anyone who has more free time to stitch than I do. I intend to ask Santa for a little more free time.

As usual click on the picture to go through to my flickr and get the big version.

Christmas is too damn close!!


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Embroidery transfer freebies

Two more thrifted crewel patterns which some helpful person has premarked with stitch info and because I get a number of blog hits looking for candlewicking patterns I’ve included a candlewicking tree pattern which would look cute as bluework, redwork, variegated green etc etc. Don’t you love the endless possibilities in embroidery! Now if only I could stop singing….don’t be crewel to a heart that’s true…

Crewel flower 01

Crewel flower 02

Candlewicking tree


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A crewel embroidery freebie

I am sick with the flu and my brain is mush so usual posting is on hold. Instead I thought I would post a freebie though because it’s been a long time since the last lot. I thrifted this pattern a few weeks ago, it was drawn in marker pen on a piece of…vellum? Some sort of frosted plasticy stuff. I think it’s a nice simple introduction to crewel embroidery and I’m looking forward to stitching it. The original owner even marked colour choices which is helpful. Half the time I just sit there overwhelmed by what colour to start with. I have two more slightly advanced crewel patterns to scan for you at some stage too. Then I have some candlewicking patterns because I get a lot of hits searching for those. Anyway enjoy the freebie and if you stitch it please let me know, I’d love to see! Click on the picture to get the big version.

Crewel freebie


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More vintage embroidery patterns for you

I got a card in my mailbox yesterday to tell me there was a parcel being held for me at the local post office. It turned out to be a large envelope of ancient craft magazines and random pages from Dave’s mother. I’ve never met her in the 2 years I have been with Dave so it was unexpected. But she’s old and sick and I am as close a hope for grandkids as she’s got. So she sent me a sample of her hoardings. She’s a packrat who has had over 70 years to collect stuff. She also has smoked like a chimney for at least 50 years so the envelope contents are mighty whiffy. But there are some treasures in it. Knitting and sewing patterns mostly and a small pile of embroidery transfers from…dates unknown. They’re old and not in great condition (hence the quality of some of the scans) so I have started scanning them for safe keeping. And of course I had to share:

teddy bears

kids 01

kids 02

A peacock...I think

house border

oak leave and acorn border

Click on any one of them to go to my flickr photostream where you can download the larger size and see the other transfers I have previously blogged.


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More free vintage embroidery patterns

I found some more embroidery transfers in my stash! They’re really old but very pretty so I scanned them to keep and share. I’ll probably pass on the originals to someone else, it seems that no matter how old transfers get and how ratty they become the thought of throwing out these old treasures still seems wrong. So here’s a couple of butterfly patterns for you. I’m still working on sharing those large patterns but scanning in 4 parts and trying to match them up…driving me nuts!! Even my favourite panorama stitching program refused to help. I may try photocopying next, so I can copy more of the pattern at once. The patterns are starting to flake and I want to preserve the awesome designs as fast as possible.

butterfly 2

butterfly 1

Happy stitching!


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Chicken time

I got some vintage transfers in the mail today, the result of a little foray into buying online rather than selling for once. Dangerous territory but when this is what the mailbox offers up who can blame me?

The chicken one is by…who knows and the other one (in two parts) is from Bestway who I have never heard of so I assume it’s safe to share them.


Top half:
animals 2

Bottom half:
animals 1


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