I originally planned to wash all the baby clothes (and bibs…and blankets…and cloths…and nappies and god only knows how many other things that babies seem to ‘need’) from Christmas onwards since she isn’t due til the first days of February. But then I got too sore to walk in the summer heat…and well I got bored. It’s not much but hey, at least it’s keeping me off the couch and away from the DVDs just a little bit longer. And it’s such a simple pleasure but I do love looking at the colour hanging on the line. I guess babies add colour to your life in many different ways.


I had my first fortnightly visit to the midwife this morning and she confirmed my suspicion that the wriggler has dropped. Yay! And not only that but she’s head down and engaging 2/5 in the pelvis already. It certainly explains the hilarious waddle I developed on Saturday and the alarming feeling like a head is practically poking out between my legs. Anyway due to her excessive love of being upright for the whole pregnancy I had a fairly real concern that she’d be breech and that a c-section would be the order of the day. My mother said she’d come and stay for 2 weeks if that happened and I would be grateful for the help if I needed it but I’d also rather birth a 10lber through my nostril than have that need to happen so having her head engage as far as it has is VERY welcome news indeed! Clever girl!



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A mobile to grow with her(and a bump update)


I wanted a mobile over the babys bed to stimulate her eyes and keep her interested but I’m not spending $80 ($80!!) on a mobile that while very, very cute is not changeable as she changes and frankly there’s only so much Disney one person can take. So I was very excited to see this mobile tutorial when I was newly pregnant. I have yet to go buy some duraseal (the stuff she refers to as laminating sheets) and tissue paper) but I deconstructed a brightly coloured felt mobile I made a long time ago and voila, instant eye stimulation! They say new babes see black, white and red as their first colours so thats definitely on the to do list. The colourful circles can be put up after a month or two as her vision develops. The mobile is a Kikkerland photo hanger and only cost $16 here. Once she gets beyond mobiles it can hang in the corner with photos of the people who love her watching over her as she sleeps.

And how about a bump update?


The left photo was 22w4d and the right photo is today at 29w5d. I’m not finding it easy or pleasant in any way and am counting down the days til my pregnancy is over but I’m also counting down the days til our girl arrives. Each day that passes I feel less like I am growing a many tentacled alien and am beginning to think that I might actually be making a real, healthy human in there. Although she kicks like she has many tentacles so I’m still not entirely convinced she’s not alien.


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Thrifty score

Thrift score

New? Probably $100+. Secondhand? $30. I’ll give it a sand and paint one day and the wriggler can have her little tea parties here. Some days I just love thrifting. This whole month has been well worth the effort actually. Sometimes I walk out of a thrift store with an amazing mint condition bargain in my hands and just can’t believe that someone got rid of it. And actually I’m a little giddy with excitement that one day I get to buy a little tea set too.


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(This blog entry is bought to you by third trimester nausea and is much shorter than I originally intended. I have to go lie on the couch and whimper shortly)


Unfortunately yesterday we gave the Waldorf schools annual fair a miss. Pregnancy meant I wasn’t selling there this year and it also meant that I couldn’t face walking up the enormous zig zagging hill path to the school in the pouring rain. I was quite sad to miss it but reminded myself (as I do every day) that pregnancy will not last forever (11w5d to go and nobody mention being overdue because I will hurt you) but until it ends I have to make a few sacrifices and dying on a wet hilly path is one of them. We went to Trade Aid instead and I continued to spoil my girl by buying her a really expensive alpaca bunny. The alpaca bears and bunnies help to save the coloured alpacas in Peru – only 5% of them are coloured now. I figure it’s good for them and cuddly for her. Plus I got a free chocolate bar and that’s yum for me!


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My creation

1. C, 2. Pooh and Piglet, 3. Nature Babies Summer Trio, 4. Wee Wonderful Turtle, 5. IMG_7535, 6. Queen of hearts jam tarts, 7. Peanut the Wee Elephant June Toy Society Drop, 8. Baby L with his accomplice (yes, she is literally trying to steal the food from right out of his mouth!), 9. Becca’s Hat closeup, 10. Pixie and kitty, 11. Farm Animal Swap – Bits of Goodness 2012 – Tunisian crochet knit stitch, 12. ten things i love right now, 13. shawl, 14. deer in the forrest, 15. Sophie for Pepper, 16. Izze under the tree

Now I see why pregnant women never update their blogs. We don’t do anything worth blogging about. Well there’s a few freaks with energy, mostly women with kids already who simply aren’t allowed to give in to the discomfort and lack of energy but first timers like me certainly don’t seem to do anything blogworthy. I will spare you my many whines about pregnancy for now. I’m simply too tired to write that much today. Instead I will leave you with some of my lovely flickr faves. Crafts and food and cats and babies, thats pretty much what my world has shrunk to lately. The annual Waldorf school fair in on Sunday. I usually have a stall but this year will just be a customer. I wait all year for that fair and this year I am going with money to burn! I’ll be back next week hopefully with some photos of some beautiful Waldorf treasures for my baby.


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Cloth bum friendly pants

Cloth bum friendly baby pants

Because the wriggler is going to wear cloth nappies she’s going to have the big padded cloth butt that goes with that. Rather than buy clothes 3 sizes too large and roll up the legs I decided it was the perfect excuse to stash dive and make her a little wardrobe of pants with room in the tush. I started months ago with the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern from Made By Rae and although I still haven’t mastered the tricky crotch (getting there!) the pattern is my definite favourite and well worth the US$10 (although I do question the shorter elastic lengths listed compared to every other pattern I own). I figure that I have no idea how tall, short, fat or thin she will be until she’s actually here (my grandma is under the delusion that she will be tall because my dad is tall which I find hilarious because the rest of my family and all of Daves are generally so short we all resemble hobbits) so I’m amusing myself making pants in various sizes and fabric weights. The pair on the left are Reversible Poofy Pants by scientificseamstress on Etsy. They are indeed poofy – perfect for those little bent ‘frog legs’ babys have. I lined them with a layer of flannel (actually a discoloured flat nappy) and they were a little TOO padded for the summer size (although this is Wellington so you never know how much wear they may get) but in a winter size the extra layer of flannel would be cosy warm. The only complaint I have is they seemed a little short when the cuffs are rolled up as per the pattern but I have no idea about how long wee noodle legs are – or are not – so they may be fine once she arrives.  One word of advice – read the instructions. It makes the reversible construction SO much easier. Yes, I learnt my lesson.

I have the worlds worst fabric coordinating ability so the linen the poofy pants are lined with does not compliment the Alexander Henry Apple and Pears fabric like I had envisioned. I tend to see a fabric I love and buy it – which means that my fabric stash is filled with fabrics I love that don’t go with a single other fabric in my stash. It does make pretty reversible pants unlikely to come out of my sewing room at the moment but right now I’m happy just pottering around in my increasingly uncomfortable state using stash fabric (finally) and reminding myself that she’s going to poop and puke on these pants and grow out of them in 5 damn minutes anyway so as long as she’s covered and warm in those first months I’m not that fussed.


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Her room

When we bought the house the room we always planned on being a nursery looked rather….bright:

Her room

Bright yellow and green. What was that dotty old lady on? We originally planned to paint that room immediately – until we found out how much paint costs. So it sat until this year. It was one of the happiest days of my life when we finished painting. lso possibly the tiredest but it was worth it. You can’t see it in the photos (typical) but the paint colour is a beautiful light meringue colour – a little hint of pink, a hint of brown, a hint of white. It all depends on the light and time of day. It was an even happier day when I got to hang new (non-musty!) curtains and put the baby furniture in. Suddenly our house had a nursery in it. Oooooh!

Her wooden cradle to the left of the door with some little shelves:

Her room

The cradle up close packed with special toys waiting for her and a sunpaint receiving blanket I bought off Etsy for her. Of all the things I wanted for her a rocking cradle and really super expensive but lovely woolen bassinet mattress were it – and yes, the mattress is currently wrapped in a black rubbish bag for protection:

Her room

The shelves filled with treasures I have made, bought and been gifted while I waited for her to exist. Swaddling wraps, blankets, booties, bibs, towels, muslin cloths. Basically you could call it the “how the hell does a tiny lump need so much stuff and where the hell do I put it all?” corner:

Her room

The fresh new curtains (they match the ones in our bedroom and I cannot tell you how fancy it feels to have two things in the whole house that match) and the toys. The (nasty, ratty, squished and probbly not safe to touch) purple elephant was my first toy 33 years ago and I made the bunny in high school home ec when I was 14:

Her room

The toy shelves. I love that everything has a story – the little music box by the rainbow was passed on from my gran, the wooden rattle at the back of the middle shelf was the first thing I ever bought with my future baby in mind 5 years ago, the little squeaky policeman is because I had one like it as a baby (my dad was a policeman), the books and blocks were carefully hunted out just for the child I wanted to have:

Her room

The dresser with changing mat and boomonster (to chase away the bad monsters) with a nappy bag at the ready. The dresser is my most bittersweet gift to my daughter – it was made for me 33yrs ago by my late grandfather. To have something her great grandfather made is a special gift:

Her room

The room I wished so hard for – our daughters room, in our own house, done just the way I wanted it. A nursing chair will eventually go in the corner and my dad gave me a lazyboy which would be comfy but I am terrified of ruining the paint (it took 2 weekends at 24 weeks pregnant, you’d treat it with kid gloves too!) so I am saving for a nice one that doesn’t rock anywhere near my precious paintjob:

Her room

There’s a few rainbow touches around the room and I ordered some decals for the wall. There will also eventually be waldorf window stars on the windows. I wanted a rainbow theme but not too tasky or in your face. I struggled for a while with the reality of having champagne tastes on a beer juice mineral water tap water budget but in the end even the 40 year old carpet doesn’t bother me. It’s all so….us. This room is us and her and exactly what our family is – ever changing, DIY, toys saved for years, things passed down with love and care for money. In the end this room is exactly what I want for my daughter – love and home and comfort.


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