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Cloth bum friendly pants

Cloth bum friendly baby pants

Because the wriggler is going to wear cloth nappies she’s going to have the big padded cloth butt that goes with that. Rather than buy clothes 3 sizes too large and roll up the legs I decided it was the perfect excuse to stash dive and make her a little wardrobe of pants with room in the tush. I started months ago with the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern from Made By Rae and although I still haven’t mastered the tricky crotch (getting there!) the pattern is my definite favourite and well worth the US$10 (although I do question the shorter elastic lengths listed compared to every other pattern I own). I figure that I have no idea how tall, short, fat or thin she will be until she’s actually here (my grandma is under the delusion that she will be tall because my dad is tall which I find hilarious because the rest of my family and all of Daves are generally so short we all resemble hobbits) so I’m amusing myself making pants in various sizes and fabric weights. The pair on the left are Reversible Poofy Pants by scientificseamstress on Etsy. They are indeed poofy – perfect for those little bent ‘frog legs’ babys have. I lined them with a layer of flannel (actually a discoloured flat nappy) and they were a little TOO padded for the summer size (although this is Wellington so you never know how much wear they may get) but in a winter size the extra layer of flannel would be cosy warm. The only complaint I have is they seemed a little short when the cuffs are rolled up as per the pattern but I have no idea about how long wee noodle legs are – or are not – so they may be fine once she arrives.¬† One word of advice – read the instructions. It makes the reversible construction SO much easier. Yes, I learnt my lesson.

I have the worlds worst fabric coordinating ability so the linen the poofy pants are lined with does not compliment the Alexander Henry Apple and Pears fabric like I had envisioned. I tend to see a fabric I love and buy it – which means that my fabric stash is filled with fabrics I love that don’t go with a single other fabric in my stash. It does make pretty reversible pants unlikely to come out of my sewing room at the moment but right now I’m happy just pottering around in my increasingly uncomfortable state using stash fabric (finally) and reminding myself that she’s going to poop and puke on these pants and grow out of them in 5 damn minutes anyway so as long as she’s covered and warm in those first months I’m not that fussed.



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Baby sewing and baby growing

The baby sewing:

Baby smocks

The pink smocks fit up to 6 months and the free pattern from here. I even had the same pillowcase as the woman who wrote the tutorial. Suddenly saving it for months and months all made sense. I still have the other half of it left too. The pink floral one was a sheet and that side was originally meant to be the backing but the front ended up looking so pink I couldn’t stand the thought of my daughter in it. I was sewing from stash fabric and wanted to use what I had hence a little more pink than I feel comfortable about. She’ll reach an age one day where everything has to be pink but I don’t want rush it. Still, for a summer baby sheets and pillowcases make the perfect lightweight outfits and I can’t freak out when she barfs on a dress that was once a 50 cent vintage pillowcase.

The blue smock fits as a dress from 6-12 months and as a top up to 2 years or so. The tutorial is from here. Because it will fit her at an age where she is more aware of her surroundings I avoided pink totally and made it it in a blue linen from a very large pillowcase. (I swear my stash is more than just pillowcases and sheets and I’m not raiding the linen cupboard!) I plan on sewing an embellishment of some sort of the front but the options are more than my tired brain can take right now.

The baby growing:


22w4d – I have exploded in the last few weeks and have walked into stuff more than once because I forgot I had so much ‘frontal bulk’. Still I went through a tough journey to get to this point so if fat I gotta get then fat I’ll get! (the only problem with getting so big so suddenly is the acid reflux as my stomach has been squashed. Ick. Please say I’m out of new pregnancy side effects now and can just concentrate on dealing with the ones I have already?)


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Coming back to life

Newborn knit pants

I admit it – if you were one of the people who told me during my first trimester that I would feel better once the first trimester hit…then I owe you an apology for laughing at you. Around 10-11 weeks when I felt like I wanted to be dead rather than pregnant it just felt like the misery would never end. Finally at 15wks I feel alive at last. Not exactly 100% or overflowing with energy (and nerve pains have already arrived) but alive at least. I even sewed something. Until I broke my overlocker. That was a pretty exciting 2 hours though. The worst part is I was on the last seam of the most adorable newborn baby pants I have ever seen in my life. I managed to whizz up a temporary seam on the ordinary sewing machine though so I could technically say I finished something. It just feels so good to say that I finished something. The pattern is from here and even has room in the back for cloth bums. Bonus!

Rocking cradle

The pants were photographed in the wooden rocking cradle I bought this week. Babies grow out of them nearly as fast as they grow out of newborn sized clothes but I knew that above all other unnecessary baby things I would be sad one day if I didn’t buy one of these for our special babe. I have a small list of things that are totally frivolous and unneccesary but damn it, I’m buying them cos it’s my baby and I want them. I don’t want to have any regrets about not doing it my way!


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Planning ahead

Planning ahead

Life is going so slowly in our house right now you’d think it had stopped. The nausea is not receding nearly fast enough for me to do anything and the lack of energy is driving me bonkers. I’m still finding a comfortable level of activity to do on a good day so I can avoid a bad one the next day. I vacuumed 3 rooms this week and went for a long walk on the same day. I was practically comatose the next day. I learnt a big lesson that day. Vacuuming is bad for you. Anyway…I am almost totally prepared for the baby. Seriously I’ll be 14 weeks and I only need the stroller and a baby bath. I found the stroller (and then found it cheaper online, yay!) and a friend is giving me a baby bath. Sorted. One thing I am desperate to do though and can’t is to sew. I can’t even bring myself to knit so much as a stitch (wierd right? I should be a knitting fool right now!) but oh I am itching to sew my wee babe some little thermal pants for its first winter, a few mama made tshirts and some stretchy pants for that ample cloth bum (I do love cloth tushies on babies!). Now I just have to wait for the energy to show up. I’m all ready to go the second it arrives.


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Keeping busy

Baby clothes

I completely underestimated the mental effects of ivf treatment and have been caught offguard by how overwhelmed I feel this week. Luckily I had planned lots of crafting to keep me busy through the worst of it which has really helped. I decided to do a little sewing this week after seeing Rhiannon’s gorgeous little peasant tops here I had to make one. The pattern is here and is pretty easy but the instructions are a bit vague – it doesn’t tell you how long the arm and neck elastic¬† needs to be! Luckily Mr Google saved me and I found a peasant dress tutorial (guess what I plan to make next!) with elastic measurements so I was able to finish the top. I left the elastic casings open just in case though. You never know what sort of chub monster I might have. The pants are the newborn pants from Made By Rae and are a free pattern – they are made to fit cloth bums too! I adore that pattern. I also made a pair of pants from another cloth bum friendly pattern but I didn’t do so well at those. Honestly, I didn’t know I knew so many swear words. A sailor would have told me to wash my mouth out if he had heard me, I was that bad. So for now I think it’s back to the knitting needles. I’d far rather rip out a few rows than have to unpick another bloody seam.


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Neon rainbow bunting

I’m still in the thick of my 8-year-old girl obsession with rainbows but at least for this particular item I have an excuse – someone else made me make it. Dave’s sister is getting married on November 11th (11/11/11) and she asked me to make her some orange/purple themed bunting. No problem. And then she tacked on another 20 strings of rainbow bunting for the tables. Not to mention the only craft fair I do all year is 2 days after the wedding. Eep! And my mother has put in an urgent knitting request too. And I’d quite like to sleep and stuff at some stage. But anyway…it’s mostly all flowing smoothly now. As long as the sewing machine holds on for 2 more weeks! Then I think it might be time for it to go visit the sewing machine spa for a massage. It’s never been in 4.5 years – ahem.

Neon rainbow bunting

I had my doubts as I cut and sewed but really…despite my photo on a grey wall on a grey day (I clearly didn’t think that idea through!) and some VERY thin binding from Etsy that I am quite disappointed with (apparently there really is no such thing as a bargain anymore) I am really pleased with how it turned out.


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Rainbow horsie the second

Rainbow horsie the second

Because rainbow horsies breed prodigiously. Did you know that? It’s true. When you can sew and have a love of rainbows rivaling that of an 8 year old girl they do anyway.


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