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Baby blues

Stone blue

I started this little (0-3m size) Beyond Puerperium cardigan during my 2 week wait (which is technically 9 days but anyway) and finished the body in 6 days. After I got my negative I took the best part of a month to finish the arms. I swear I knit and I knit and the bloody things never grew. But finally last night arm number 2 was officially the same length as arm number 1 and I was done. There are more mistakes in this little cardigan than I want to think of, it really is riddled with them. But I’m philosophical about it now it’s finished – a baby won’t care as long as it keeps them warm, an adult won’t notice once a baby is in it and if anyone points out my mistakes I’ll just bop them in the nose. Simple!



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Winter preparations

Bare Branches

A bare branches cowl in Malabrigo Silky Merino. I think it will pill in about 5 seconds flat but silk and merino? I’ll probably wear it until it falls apart. Because it’s for me. Knitting just for me. Not for a baby or someone else. Oh I can barely stand how happy it makes me.

Orange you glad I can knit?

Dave’s BIL is obsessed with orange and his wife has asked me to make him a hat. I picked Malabrigo Rios this time. I like to vary my Malabrigo obsession. 4 months ago I hadn’t knitted a stitch with it and now I have so much of it stashed you’d think I had shares in the company.


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A hat to say thank you

First hat

A hat to say thank you to Dave for taking me to so many blood tests last month – and for the one or more cycles still to come. Just like winter is coming. Oooh boy is winter coming. Next on the needles is a cowl for me – my ivf treat was a skein of Malabrigo Silky Merino. Then a shawl or two is in order. The keyword this winter is definitely going to be comfort.

Swirly hat

It’s my first project knit in the round – not just magic looped like all the baby sleeves I’ve done but cast on in the round and everything. I am sickeningly proud of it. I mean really, look at that swirl of decreases. Gorgeous. And do you know what else? I think that I am officially ready to say that I now know enough to be an intermediate knitter. Oh that feels good.

(Thank you for all your kind words. I’m feeling better although still….not right yet. My review appointment is April 10th and perhaps I’ll dare to feel a little hope after that.)


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Beyond Puerperium…again

Beyond Puerperium...Again

My third time knitting this (including the free newborn version “Puerperium‘), using Malabrigo yarn every time. This is the 0-3m size and although the colour turned out to be nothing like the etsy photo I have grown to like it. I am using my new Knit Pro interchangable needles and I think they make me knit so much faster. The nickel needles are slick but have just enough grip. Best knitting investment ever.

Blood test in two days.


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Off The Needles

Aqua Beyond Puerperium

Finally something comes off the needles. This took forever – the difference in size between the newborn one I made and this 6-12m one is quite terrifying. But I am so happy with it. I finished it yesterday, 1 day post transfer so only one day later than I hoped to. 1 day late is practically on time for me. The yarn (Cascade 200 Quatro Superwash) was not my favourite in the end. It is soft but I suspect it could have a slight itch factor although blocking softened it further. And it curled like crazy. I’m a lazy knitter and don’t block anything but this was always going to be something that had to be blocked to make it look like it should. Although it appears to have made my tension difference in one of the sleeves so noticeable that it’s all I can see. Oops! I’m not sure why one shoulder is so loose. I guess this project reflects my mood as I moved through the last month of treatment. And if I put it like that then actually I think it’s perfect the way it is. Made by me with love and intent for my future Petri – whether it’s Petri the first or one of his 5 frozen siblings.


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I got my blood test results yesterday afternoon and am happy to report that my estrogen (technically I think it’s oestrodial) levels are getting there. Like most parts of my life it seems I’m just being a little bit slow about it. Bloody typical. But I feel much more postive now there’s progress. After Tuesdays low levels I flipped out totally and got really paranoid. But now I am a lot calmer. Because lets be honest – there’s very few parts of my life where I’m not just a wee bit slow. World’s slowest knitter (finally up to the sleeves), world’s slowest wheeziest runner, I’m not always a lightning fast thinker for that matter. But I get there in the end on all those occasions and I will on this one too. I have a scan on Sunday morning to check the progress in there and the scan results will help determine what day we are hopefully looking at for egg collection. Until then I have sleeves to knit. One day soon I’ll have a baby who grows far too fast for their mama’s liking so I guess I’ll try savour these slow days while I have them. Although I might try to knit just a wee bit faster. My ‘To Knit’ list is enormous.


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I’m about halfway through knitting my 6-12m Beyond Puerperium and I’m beginning to think it was not the best size to make straight after a newborn one. This thing is big. Babies go from that little to this big in under a year? Yikes. But anyway I still love that colour. I can just imagine my little curly dark haired monster in it one day soon. Next blood test tomorrow and then if it says good things the next 10 days are going to get real crazy.


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