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Time to forget it all

Thank you all for your kind words about Ginga’s return and about Dave’s mother. Ginga is SO happy to be home. For those who have asked about Ginga’s story you can read it here. Dave is flying down tomorrow evening to see his mother in hospital. We don’t know how bad she is.

While I am home alone this weekend I just want to forget all the stress for an hour or two and I will be stitching at long last. There are so many great stitchy patterns around at the moment that beg to be stitched like this, this, this, this and this. How will I pick which one to begin with?



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Year of the packrat

I make no secret of my great love of Dave.

We love Dave

But the habits that come with the man…not so loveable. His packrat mentality mostly. He doesn’t think it’s much of a problem. I once cleaned out the pantry and threw out sachets that expired in 2002….in 2008. I just threw out pills, ointments, suntan lotions and lip balms – some of which expired in 1996!! It gets worse though. When I throw expired stuff out I really have to throw it out well. Cos if he finds it chances are it’ll appear back in the bathroom.

Bane of my life: “Why did you throw this out? It’s still got stuff in it”

Me: “It expired in 2004. It’s gone gummy.”

Bane of my life: “It’s fine”

Me: “You are disgusting. Seriously”

As for the old concert tshirts….we moved over 2 1/2 months ago and there’s still 2 boxes and a bag of his clothes that are unopened. I have been trying to throw most of them out for two years. They’re raggedy, way too small for him now and I wouldn’t be seen in public with him in a single one of them. And yet if I tried to throw them out…I hate to think. The man has at least 5 times as many clothes as I do. Sometimes men are lucky we women love them.

Dave loves us too

But I’m also pretty lucky he loves me back 🙂


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KFC you owe me Christmas

Everyone has a story about how KFC once made them sick. Our Christmas Eve dinner treat meant that Dave has a story now. He missed Christmas because of it. It was horrible. I had to spend eight hours alone with my family – which is hard enough but to spend it missing him and thinking of him in pain was so much worse. I am seriously considering going back to KFC with our receipt and demanding a refund.They ruined our Christmas and at the very least I intend to make a fuss and let off some of my anger. KFC Johnsonville be warned!! I want my $33 back!!

I did get something I really really wanted for Christmas though:

Mmmmm linen floss for me

A full set (well almost – I’m two short cos my mum bought two doubles hehehe) of linen gorgeousness. They’re quite pricey so even though I still need to go buy those last two I really REALLY appreciate my mum buying them for me and can’t wait to stitch with them. Does anybody know how they stitch up?

I’m having a small embroidery giveaway in my next entry so check back in a couple of days to enter!


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2 years

Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of our first date. I’ve tried to write something romantic about him here but I don’t know what to say. He lets me spend his money, doesn’t say a word when I put on weight, holds me when I need to be held (and gives the most wonderful cuddles), tells me he loves me every day and treats our relationship like an equal partnership. We’re both poorer, fatter and older than we were two years ago but we’re undeniably richer in every other way for having the love we share.



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Nostalgia- Worst Santa ever

I made the mistake of asking my grandma for more photos to scan. I think I’ll be scanning forever. I staggered home with one lot and there’s more to come. But man, I got some classics. This is my mum in about 1960 with what is arguably the worst Santa EVER. Check out that beard. Words fail me.

Worst Santa EVER

This is my grandma as a girl in about 1940 out shopping with her mother. Such style!


My grandfather play fighting with his friend in the Greek/Turkish civil war in 1950. I stumbled on this photo a few years ago and burst out laughing. It was definitely not an image that I thought I’d see of my serious, hardworking grandfather.

Playing silly buggers

And this photo is a real doozy:

Hardcore nun style

My grandmothers aunt as a Orthodox nun in Lebanon in the 30’s. That’s one hardcore looking nun.

I know family history is boring as heck when it’s not your family and even though these are my family I find our history boring too but these photos are so…they really capture a time that has come and gone and will never be again.


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We finally let the cats outside last night. They have been hiding every day and crying to go outside every night so we thought it would be the best time to do it. It was a quiet Sunday night. Out the cats go. Simple. We were woken in the middle of the night by one of the biggest electrical storms I have ever heard. Thunder and lightning flashing and rolling through the sky. Rastus apparently went out because he was wet but had the brains to turn tail and head for home at the first sign of noise. Ginga (said with hard g’s) was not so bright. He’s missing. He may have taken fright at the thunder and hid somewhere really well – I certainly can’t find him. I’ve gone up the street with cat treats, calling his name. I’m also worried he might try head to the old house, he lived there for 3 of his 3 1/2 yrs. It’s 10 minutes away by car, and a hell of a lot longer by cat legs. I’ve called three vets to register him as lost, just in case. I’ve placed an ad on just in case. This isn’t like him and we’re really worried.

ginger gorgeousness

Karate Kat


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A year today

Today is our one year anniversary! Dave and I met one year ago this afternoon and moved in pretty much the next day. It’s been an eye opening experience being in a proper relationship, lots of ups and downs, far more hard work than you expect, but always worth it. I ignore his eye watering farts (seriously, they make me want to cry at times), he ignores the fright that is me just out of bed, gummy eyes, electric shock hair, pillow marks on my face. It works for us and I love him dearly. I took this photo on the day we met, one year ago. And I can’t help but think our first year was great, our second year will be even better.


And in other good news my Moo cards shipped today, about 5 days earlier than they had estimated which means I will definitely get them in time for the craft fair. Whew!!!


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