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Holly is home!

Holly was released from hospital on Monday at 4wks old. The most beautiful baby in the world. Don’t deny it, you know its true. Dave was ALSO released from hospital on Monday. Yep. Last week we were at the hospital on the way to visit Holly and he had an ‘incident’. Thankfully we were not far from the emergency room because it turns out he almost had a heart attack, had blood clots in both lungs and 30% of people with that just drop dead. Because we weren’t under nearly enough stress.



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Dave’s sister Donna got married to her partner Craig today. It was a beautiful and unique day, very much ‘their’ special day done the way they wanted it. It’s always nice when people can have the wedding they want rather than be pulled every which way by family ‘input’.  They had a photobooth there so you could take a series of photos, get one strip to keep and one to glue into a scrapbook for them to keep. Coolest wedding idea ever.

Dave and Steph


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We told my gran about our upcoming IVF (if 6 months to go counts as upcoming?) since she’s in her 80’s and well…she may or may not be around when we finally have a baby. So she surprised me with a parcel of ‘Granmade’ baby knitting! It appears she wants a great grand daughter judging by the pink. And apparently there’s more to send but she’s a bit chicken about doing a crochet border. I’m so happy I come from a family of knitters and that even if my gran may or may not be around much longer another generation will get to wear her handmades. Although I might have to get the pattern for that jersey just cos I have a feeling we’ll have a boy (my family has SO many girls and one boy).


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A great find

I was all set to blog before about how things are just plain poop around here. I’m not going to air the family laundry right now but it’s been full on and there’s been little fun lately. But in the midst of it all we found ourselves with half an hour to fill in a suburb with two thrift stores. The look of utter boredom on Dave’s face told me what he thought of it but I had fun for the first day in a long while. I rifled through the sweater rack in hope of finding a feltable jersey – no luck but that’s thrifting for you. I did a small (internal) dance when I found these though:


I had 15 Beatrix Potter books last year when I was planning to do childcare and after that went bad I sold them as I didn’t need them and have kicked myself ever since so 7 at once is a great start to a new collection. The thin book down the bottom is The Velveteen Rabbit which is such a beautiful classic book. And more Winnie the Pooh for my collection? I’m positively giddy from it! Pooh and me go way back. And guess what? I’ve kept this secret for a couple of weeks (I’ll tell you why later in the week) but we have our appointment with the fertility specialist next month! August the 3rd which is only 3 weeks away!! When we first got the appointment I very nearly passed out from the happiness! I’m quite the drama queen at times but that bit was real, pure excitement! 21 sleeps til Santa!


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I tried to call my brother at work last week but his boss said he wasn’t there. He’s off to Rarotonga next month for a winter getaway with his girlfriend (can you die of jealousy?) so he wouldn’t be on leave and he is never off sick so I was stumped. I found out yesterday he’s been home with swine flu. Oh my. For someone who never gets a little cold or flu the boy does get the big stuff. You get the runs, he gets giardia; you get the flu, he gets swine flu; you get a cough, he gets pnuemonia. Sheesh, what a drama queen that boy is. He’s fine, just a mild dose and I doubt he even stayed home in quarantine – when you work 10 hours days and suddenly have a paid week off would you? Plus everyone he knows probably has it so he can hang out with them!

Anyway I thought it was quite ironic that while he’s been all ‘swiney’ I have spent the past few days working on these:

Piggles and Wilbur

Piggles and her piglet Wilbur. Piggles because that’s what we call Rastus (Ginga is Giggles) and Wilbur because I just thrifted a copy of Charlotte’s Web and cannot wait to read it again after so many years – such a childhood classic. I am thrilled with the little piglet but the pig was a first try for sure, she keeps collapsing on her legs so I have to make a new one. Piggles can go stand collapse on the ‘first try shelf’ with the other ‘almosts’. They are from Sew Soft Toys by Karin Neuschutz which I bought from Winterwood. SUCH great service! When I sent an email asking how much it would be including postage Sandra emailed me saying a place here in NZ carries it and it might be cheaper for me to buy it from them instead! How’s that for nice? For service like that I’m prepared to pay a bit more!


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I’ve decided to take a wee break from blogging, flickring etc. As usual this may turn out to be 3 days or 3 weeks or who knows how long. I can feel the need for change in my life building and building in different ways. I want to make different things, I want to move to a house where my cats are happier, I want to finally get an appointment to see a fertility specialist (2-6 month waiting list and we’re at 3 months so it’s driving me nuts). Dave’s mother is back in hospital and fading fast. Poor Dave acts all tough about his crazy family but I know he’s upset. Luckily his boss said something about a pay bonus recently so we will have just enough money for him to fly down for the funeral.

So it’s time to take a break and work on our life in private. If you should happen to get the urge to support our little family most things in my shop are on sale in preperation for a change of direction and I’ll still be replying to comments. See you soon.


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I’m a pretty bad girlfriend (and he has his moments too!) but we’ve lasted 2.5 yrs today. I stitched this embroidery and had no idea how to display it until I came up with this idea today. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute.

For our anniversary

I’ve never done patchwork before, beyond squares so this log cabin style patchwork was a step up for me. It’s not perfect but I think it might look nice hanging on the wall in his computer room. Green and yellow, nice and neutral.


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