One year old!

One year old!


Its been a tough year, oh my GOD has it been a tough year. I don’t think I ever said on here but when Holly was 3 weeks old and still in hospital Dave nearly dropped dead. Literally keeled over, turned corpse-gray and if we hadn’t been already at the hospital (SO grateful!) he wouldn’t have been so lucky. He spent 6 days in hospital and they came home on the same day. So between her and her daddy its been full on. Mummy would give anything to have a nice long holiday. But our beautiful, clever, gorgeous, genius, hot tempered, stubborn, independent girl turned ONE last week! Shes an absolute delight to have in our lives. Having a baby was awesome but having a toddler? SO MUCH FUN!!


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2 responses to “One year old!

  1. Holly is just beautiful, and I’m so glad Dave is still with you both.
    I hope Holly’s second year is only eventful for great reasons.

  2. Happy first birthday to your beautiful daughter! Wishing you all the best in this coming year…Much aloha, Lori

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