In Threes

In Threes

I started a cardigan with sleeves the day Holly turned 5 months. 6.5 months later it has half a sleeve. Its size 12-18 month and she turns 12 months in a couple of weeks. Clearly it got a bit tedious (what is it with sleeves!) so I put it aside and finally let myelf cast on for an In Threes in the same size. Bonus points for a pattern with no sleeves! I love it and will make another one with sleeves one day. Or ask my mum to. I really miss free time.


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3 responses to “In Threes

  1. Rowyn

    Gorgeous cardi and beautiful colour. I can’t believe Holly is nearly one. The time goes too fast.

  2. Oh it’s a gorgeous colour – and sleeveless is definitely the way to go – then they can’t dip their sleeves in their supper!

  3. lisa

    What a sweet little sweater. I’m getting the urge to knit tiny, pretty things!

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