Eleven months

Holly 10.5 months

Whoops, six months of blogging silence. Holly has proven to be a VERY big handful. But she is also an utter delight when she wants to be. She has a great sense of humour although my brother will be thrilled to know she also enjoys laughing at her own farts. I cannot believe she is going to be one in just under 4 weeks! To celebrate her first 12 months with us we are going to shower her with 12 presents. The beauty of being a first and likely only child to parents who waited so long is that they tend (well mummy does, daddy has NO idea about the 12 presents thing. Shhhhh!) to go a little over the top at times. Luckily most of the presents will be from the enormous wardrobe stash mummy has been amassing over the past year so we wont go totally bankrupt but one very special present was custom ordered just for our babys big day – her first waldorf doll.

Birthday dolly

Its a 30cm doll, just the perfect size for a baby who is fast becoming a toddler (oh so bittersweet!) and made by Pine Needle Dolls, a local company. She needs a name though and frankly it was hard enough thinking of Hollys name. Any ideas? It needs to be 2 syllables, easy for a toddler to say (she can say Ginga and Rastus although most cats appear to be called Rastus to her) but not boring.



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4 responses to “Eleven months

  1. Great to see she’s doing well, it all goes so fast, nearly one already. I think Agnes is a good name for a doll , we have a fluffy bunny called Agnes!! Sarah

  2. Leslie

    Lolly the dolly! Or Molly or Polly.

  3. Wow, eleven months already! What a gorgeous wee girl 🙂

    That dolly is gorgeous! I was going to suggest Molly as well. But that might get confused with Holly? Lulu, Lucy or Lily? (although I know that L can be hard to say for little ones – I was Aunty A-weez or Da-weez for ages until my niece could say Louise) Or Annie, Poppy, Ruby. I obviously like names with an “ie” or “y” sound at the end…

  4. lisa

    Thanks so much for the update on your gorgeous girl! I think of you often and am always checking in hoping for news. The time goes so fast, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year already since Holly was born.

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