5 months old

Yarn Along

Holly turned FIVE months old 2 weeks ago and to ‘celebrate’ (you really celebrate differently as a parent!) I cast on my first post-pregnancy project. Its the Young Einstein cardigan by Julia Stanfield. Its taken me two weeks to reach the sleeve seperation stage but I’m finally there and it actually looks like a future cardigan now. Joining in with Ginny and her Yarn Along. The book is my current reading. Hairy Maclary. Daily.

Holly is growing like mad and she has a tooth! Shes eating solids and is thoroughly unimpressed by them. Shes tall and thin unlike her short, fat parents. Whew! She was into rolling over for a while but now can’t be bothered. Instead she humps around the room on her back. This is my attempt to take a photo of her smiling under the coffee table. She has a habit of looking like a deer in headlights the second she sees the camera. (Ignore how badly I need to vacuum. I hardly dare to breathe loudly when she finally falls asleep these days. Shes hard work that girl!)




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6 responses to “5 months old

  1. Leslie

    Aah, gorgeous girl! Clever you! The cardigan looks good too. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try knitting down the way. My baby is now 5 and a half and she reads to me instead. Thank God for the hard words or I’d never get a go…

  2. Lana

    Absolutely beautiful! So glad to see her doing so well…she’s an angel for sure!

  3. Phil Giddens

    What an elegant young lady she’s growing in to! Well done, you three!

  4. wow, 5 months! hairy maclary is great. We borrow them from the library so often that I really just should buy them. I’m loving the colour of her new cardi, gorgeous. Meh, vacumings over rated:)

  5. Tilly

    Gosh she’s growing up WAY too fast! What a beautiful little girl she is. Love the cardy.

  6. bookwormbethie

    so happy for you!!!!!

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