Four months

4 months old!

Holly is 4 months old today! And what a wonderful 4 months it has been! She is the picture of health and the only (although quite difficult to live with at times) sign of her health problems is that she can usually only be awake half as long as other babies her age before completely losing her cool and demanding a nap. She learnt to roll over a few weeks ago and is both proud as punch and insanely frustrated at her inability to crawl. Her back half learnt to crawl yesterday – that little bum goes UP in the air and as soon as her arms figure out what to do then she will be off and moving. I’ve suddenly realised just how unbabysafe this house is now that I really look at it. She’s ravenously hungry lately and we’ll be trying solids this weekend. Its the best thing EVER to see her develop but oh my, its bittersweet watching my little baby fade out in favour of a big growing girl!



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9 responses to “Four months

  1. How lovely to hear she’s doing so well. Long may it continue. My ‘baby’ will be 10 years old next month and it only feels like yesterday when she was attempting to crawl!! Take care. Sarah

  2. Rowyn

    Great to read that she is doing so well. She’s one gorgeous girl, I bet that smile makes you melt everytime!

  3. I’m so glad shes healthy and doing so well. It sounds like the extra sleeping isn’t slowing her down!

  4. Heather Ricco

    Don’t worry about the crawling, my baby is eight months old and only now learning to scoot (backwards, that is)…she’ll get there when she gets there…=)

  5. Rhiannon

    You’re such a sweetie, Holly! Loving the big grin. Slow down though, wee girl, there’s so much time for growing and moving – stay little a bit longer!

  6. bookwormbethie

    oh holly, she is soooo freakin’ cute! hope y’all are just one big happy family!

  7. Tilly

    She is so cute and it’s wonderful to hear how well she is doing after such a rocky start. You must be awesome parents.

  8. Oh the sweetness! Thanks for the update – I think of your family often and wonder how things are going.

  9. Sam

    ahhh what a cuties – so much joy in one little bundle! Thanks for entering my giveaway! I will announce winner on Saturday. Good luck! Sam

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