Holly is home!

Holly was released from hospital on Monday at 4wks old. The most beautiful baby in the world. Don’t deny it, you know its true. Dave was ALSO released from hospital on Monday. Yep. Last week we were at the hospital on the way to visit Holly and he had an ‘incident’. Thankfully we were not far from the emergency room because it turns out he almost had a heart attack, had blood clots in both lungs and 30% of people with that just drop dead. Because we weren’t under nearly enough stress.



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20 responses to “Home

  1. Ok she is too adorable and has certainly put on some weight! All the best! With all those under your care!

  2. Tilly

    Wonderful news to have Holly home, but sorry to hear about Dave. Can’t believe the stress you must be under, but hang in there and enjoy your beautiful little girl.

  3. Wonderful news to hear that your all home. Please REST and enjoy your beautiful little girl. Sarah

  4. Phil Giddens

    Prettiest baby ever! Just gorgeous. Well done to the three of you. Looking forward to seeing you all. Love from Grandad/Dad/Phil and Mary-Ellen

  5. Leslie

    Fantastic news! And Dave’s NOT dead! Yay! Take care of y’all. So happy for you. She is gorgeous.

  6. I’m so glad both got to go home! That’s so terrifying about Dave! But that is one really beautiful baby.

  7. Let’s hope the worst is over, enjoy your beautiful girl!

  8. OMG – so glad they are both OK!


  9. So happy to see your BEAUTIFUL baby girl home and looking so healthy and content and to hear that Dave got the treatment he needs and is home to share in this happy homecoming. It’s been TOO MUCH for you guys lately, so hopefully now you can just cozy up and enjoy each other’s company.

  10. She’s precious. I’m so happy that your family is at home together now.

  11. Ange

    Congratulations, you guys!! She’s lovely and smiley already!! Hurrah!!

  12. Lesley

    Glad all home and all well! Thank God. ENJOY x

  13. Valerie

    It’s so wonderful that she’s home and well (and Dave too!) She’s such a lovely and precious little girl. ❤

  14. So glad they are both ok! shes so pretty and all snuggled up:) I bet its nice to all be home together

  15. Jen

    OMG!!! hope Dave is ok now
    yes!!! shes beautiful and Im pleased youre all home

  16. bookwormbethie

    i hope you and dave are settling int quite well to being a mom and dad now 🙂

  17. Nikki

    Time I stopped lurking and said hello from Ireland. I’ve been reading your blog since way only knows when. She’s beautiful, absolutely gorgeous!! Glad you’ve got her home!

  18. Leslie

    Happy Easter, Steph, Dave and Holly!

  19. I’ve been popping in here from time to time to see if there’s been an update. So glad to hear you’re home now and what a wee cutie! Holly is my sister’s name so I love it! I’m sad to hear about Dave, but glad he is on the mend. I think you guys are due for some nice, relaxing stress free time now!

  20. eva

    I’m so happy to see your lovely baby ….at last! So happy for all of you, enjoy – you all deserve it ❤ ❤ ❤

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