Sadly this is NOT a birth announcement post. We have an induction date booked for early next week but obviously I hope we wont get that far. In the meantime…we wait. A lot. I’ve decided to act as if she’s coming on that day and if she comes before then it’ll just be a bonus. It’ll also be a bonus if my family stops calling me….”Oh, are you still pregnant?” Yes, yes I am. I’m also so cumbersome now that I knocked the dining room door right off its runners trying to reach the phone today so please stop calling!

Rainbow baby love

A couple of people have sent lovely gifties for her which has been so appreciated. Karen sent a gorgeous rainbow themed package all the way from Australia. The Aussie postal service tortured me by delaying it but it was as worth the wait as I knew it would be coming from such a talented woman! A rainbow cardigan!! A cloth nappy with rainbow thread and 2 covers! (I want to sew everything with rainbow thread now!) A silky smooth wooden spoon and fork, an adorable appliqued onesie, 2 gorgeous felted items and even a book where one of the characters has our little girls name! I’m going to enjoy reading that to her. Thanks Karen, my rainbow girl will enjoy everything you sent as much as I do!

Hot pink bunny kimono romper

Jannelle sent her a beautiful little package with vintage clothes including a gorgeous smocked dress and…a hot pink kimono romper! I seriously can barely wait until she grows into it. Thanks Jannelle, she’s a lucky little girl already! (Excuse the crappy photo, I ran out of energy and light)



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11 responses to “Late

  1. It’s always difficult when you go overdue!! I did with both of my children. But they always come out in the end!!! (Just when they are ready) sarah

  2. crossing my fingers and toes she comes really soon! So glad you liked it all. When I read our copy of that book I can so see myself telling the little people ‘I know her, she lives in New Zealand” 🙂

  3. How exciting, a little baby girl in your arms very very soon! My Benji was 2 weeks over and induced in the end. My mother in law jumped out of her skin every time i flinched with a pinched nerve. I can totally sympathise! 🙂

  4. Leslie

    Gorgeous gifts! ❤ I know it hurts but…get walking. My three posterior babies all got the hurry up that way. Best of luck.

  5. All my 3 were late, the bad news is that NOTHING works to speed them up , but the good news is, they are always worth the wait!

  6. Oh I am sure you are looking very forward to her arrival! Good luck 🙂

  7. Tilly

    Good luck Steph. Been thinking of you. She’ll be worth the wait.

  8. Hang in there Steph – like I said previously, I was two weeks late with both my boys and it becomes frustrating. When 9 months pregnant with Julian I was doing some fruit and veg shopping and I turned around and knocked some eggs of a display because I was so HUGE. Naturally I burst into tears and a man working in the shop looked horrified – not that I knocked them off (apparently there are plenty more eggs where they came from) but the though of having to placate a hugely pregnant and very hormonal woman!!
    I can’t wait to see your little babe – but unfortunately they will only come when they are ready…..

  9. bookwormbethie

    thinking of you, hope your little babe has popped out by now 😉

  10. Leslie

    baby? Baby? BABY, BABY, BABY?

    If you are too knackered make Dave post! Please.

  11. Just thinking about you and hoping all is well.

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