Her first felt food

Felt strawberries

Last year my very favourite blogger (who is sickeningly talented) Karen and I did a little summer Christmas ornament swap and I made a felt strawberry, a VERY kiwi Christmas symbol. As a kid we always had stupid things like snowman ornaments on our Christmas tree and this year we had the hottest Christmas Day since the 1930s. (Talk about the wrong summer to be pregnant! Last summer was wet and miserable, this summer is so hot I’m nearly in tears some days!) So all those winter ornaments are just out of place. We’ll have our first Christmas tree next year for the baby’s sake and so I decided to make a few strawberry ornaments for it. Unfortunately I must have used a different circle template last year because it came out too small. But I decided that I’d turn it into her first felt food instead. I’m not really supposed to handstitch anything because of the carpal tunnel but it’s being so good at the moment and it’s so boring not being able to make anything that I risked the chance of pain and made a second one. Eventually there will be a whole plants worth of berries but there’s risk and then there’s being stupid so I’ll pace myself.

We had a midwife appointment today (she’s jammed right down in the pelvis and has ‘dropped’ which is a good sign for an early birth and also horrendously uncomfortable) and the midwife referred me for a scan to check on the wriggler because I’ve had decreased movements and have been stressing about it. Everything is fine and the scan tech called her feisty which sounds like a good sign! She’s on the small side but has plenty of time to grow and is at least not going to be a 10lber! I think the lack of movement is because she’s facing the placenta a lot now and kicking that. The funny thing though…I wanted to confirm she isn’t actually a he (since it was so hard to get a decent look at 19wks) but she had her legs politely crossed…and yet if you turn your head to the right I’d swear she’s picking her freaking nose! Tell me that’s not what it looks like:


It does look like it, right? She’s going to be a handful, I can just tell!



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5 responses to “Her first felt food

  1. Jen

    🙂 love the strawberries
    LOL shell be beautiful 🙂

  2. Those strawberries are adorable! You are so clever.

  3. I’m a grown, educated woman and I still CAN NOT wrap my head around the fact that you guys are having summer right now while I’m shivering! Hope the heat gets a little more bearable!

  4. I had two summer pregnancies and they are horrid! Especially when you don’t have air-conditioning. Hope the heat eases up soon – otherwise find someone with a pool and move in 😉

  5. Aww, you’ve made my day, im blushing just a little:) yay, I love the strawberry you sent!! It didn’t even get packed up last year with the decorations, Its been in the play kitchen being eaten daily so I just borrowed it for the tree for a while. I’ve not sent your package yet, just finishing off the last few things (it occurred to me I better let you know so you don’t think its gotten lost) lol at your little nose picker! wishing you cooler days xx

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