Thank you ladies so much for the raspberry leaf tea feedback. It sounds like it would be worth a try at least – and if it DOES turn out to shorten the pushing stage and dramatically shorten the bleeding then that would be AWESOME but if not….well what else have I got to do these days? Sitting around drinking tea is what I should be doing these days. Nesting has returned with a vengeance however and I often find myself battling low energy to do crazy things that heavily pregnant women clearly shouldn’t do.

Want a fright? Here’s the bump yesterday at 33w5d. Not hard to see why I’ve been having pelvic pain with that load I’m carrying! I’m hoping that tshirt will last the next 6 weeks but now I see it’s under a bit of strain! She’s hanging down looooow!


Fingers crossed Dave will take me fabric shopping this weekend. I intend to spend Christmas sewing! Sitting! Drinking bad tasting tea! NOT mowing the lawn in 28 degree (83F) heat while large and sore (told you nesting is trying to kill me)! Have a great Christmas!



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6 responses to “Growing

  1. Drinking tea, sewing up a storm and having a wee one wriggling around in your belly – sounds like a pretty great Christmas to me. Enjoy! (And DEFINITELY step away from the lawn mower, jeepers! Way too hot for those sorts of shenanigans!)

  2. Jen

    Merry Christmas to you and Dave
    thinking of you
    I looked like you do when I was preggy with my first – Sarah
    take it easy

  3. Leslie

    Maybe check out Arnica tablets to reduce bruising too? You have to take them for a while before you go into labour. Would have been good to know BEFORE the Caesarean…

  4. Cathy

    You look fabulously ripe! I am not convinced raspberry leaf tea does anything. But in that final stage of pg then doing anything which feels like it will help things along is probably helpful!Have a wonderful Christmas and take it easy while you can xx

  5. bookwormbethie

    steph, you look fantastic. and really, do not mow the lawn, dave should be doing that, and you can quote me on that!

    i wish you and dave and your wee little baby girl in your belly an amazing christmas!

  6. Hard to imagine, but this time next year there will be three of you eating a proper Christmas lunch!!! Happy Christmas, put your feet up. Sarah

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