Worlds crappest blog title. Waiting. But waiting I am. Unfortunately I am still a few days short of 34wks so I’ve still got an awful lot of  waiting to do. I now know why pregnant women (particularly first timers) abandon their blogs for months at a time. First time pregnancy is nothing short of eyeopening. And if I don’t want to be living these symptoms then you certainly don’t want to be reading about them.

Thrifted train

Thanks to pelvic pain I have barely left the house in a month and only when Dave has been able to drive me anywhere. Yesterday he very kindly took a detour on the way to a customers house to pick me up and drop me at the local shops for a whole hour of freedom. Yep, I’ve lost my marbles if I’m excited about spending time at the shops this close to Christmas in this humidity. I was even desperate enough to risk a trip to the local op shop – in 34wks I have been maybe 3 times because the woman who works there began to really creep me out and cross boundaries. It was worth it though, I got a wooden train set which will be perfect for transporting her wooden animals around the house – or for mama to trip over.

Someone asked for a baby update so I’ll try and keep it brief (and tasteful) – she’s 3/5 engaged now, I’m in considerable and ever changing pain, whining constantly and currently melting in the summer heat – the humidity this summer is not the norm for us. Tending towards all over fatness as I do I am surprised by how…frontal the bump is. I’ll shock you with a photo asap. The midwife is guessing she’ll be 7.5lb but jeez if this is the pressure, pain and discomfort caused by a 7.5lber then what must those poor women who have 10+lb babies go through? I’m pretty sure I felt each of her little fingers through my skin the other day, so surreal. The discomfort seems to be cyclical – several very rough days followed by one or two crappy but normal days. You’d think being built not unlike a Russian peasant I’d fly through pregnancy with nary a complaint. And I’ve developed a whopping surge in my usually minor lactose intolerance which means looking for non-dairy alternatives.

(Also does anyone have any experience taking raspberry leaf tea? Recommended or a waste of time?)



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8 responses to “Waiting

  1. I used to work in a tea shop, and we sold raspberry leaf tea by the bucketful. I have no experience in that department, though. I’ve heard it’s not the tastiest, so many of the women would steep it in conjunction with something that had a better flavour.

  2. my mother in law drank raspberry leaf tea during her labour and apparently it drastically reduced the bleeding. No personal experience though!

  3. Laura

    I drank raspberry leaf tea through my pregnancies… it won’t reduce the length of the pregnancy bu tis supposed to tone the uterus so your contractions are more efficient and your uterus returns to shape more quickly. Not sure if it does do those things, I just started to like the taste!

  4. Raspberry Leaf tea made all the difference to my third trimester nausea when I was pregnant with Baby #3. My homebirth midwife was keen on it for uterine tone and I think it has some iron in it too…..not sure about that bit.

  5. I must say, I took the capsules, drank some tea, did all the ‘natural’ things to help my births along – I can’t say whether they made a difference or not. They certainly set me back a few dollars though!!
    One thing, controversial as it is, that I think actually did help with the first birth, was the massage. A bit invasive, but I truly think it helped prevent tearing. I have no doubt whatsoever that a tonne of women would disagree, but I would definitely do it again if I had my time over (and that’ds saying something, cause I’d change a lot of other things, knowing what I know now!)

  6. thinking of you and hoping it goes quickly! What a great train

  7. http://www.pregnancy.com.au/resources/topics-of-interest/pregnancy/raspberry-leaf.shtml

    The research seems to be pretty thin at this point but as far as I can see it probably won’t hurt? I think I’ll give it a go.

    I’m 32 weeks and things are just starting to get uncomfortable, I can’t believe I’ve got so long to go– and that the baby is going to get so much bigger! Eep!

  8. That train set is awesome! I had one very similar when I was a kid, and I loved it.

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