A mobile to grow with her(and a bump update)


I wanted a mobile over the babys bed to stimulate her eyes and keep her interested but I’m not spending $80 ($80!!) on a mobile that while very, very cute is not changeable as she changes and frankly there’s only so much Disney one person can take. So I was very excited to see this mobile tutorial when I was newly pregnant. I have yet to go buy some duraseal (the stuff she refers to as laminating sheets) and tissue paper) but I deconstructed a brightly coloured felt mobile I made a long time ago and voila, instant eye stimulation! They say new babes see black, white and red as their first colours so thats definitely on the to do list. The colourful circles can be put up after a month or two as her vision develops. The mobile is a Kikkerland photo hanger and only cost $16 here. Once she gets beyond mobiles it can hang in the corner with photos of the people who love her watching over her as she sleeps.

And how about a bump update?


The left photo was 22w4d and the right photo is today at 29w5d. I’m not finding it easy or pleasant in any way and am counting down the days til my pregnancy is over but I’m also counting down the days til our girl arrives. Each day that passes I feel less like I am growing a many tentacled alien and am beginning to think that I might actually be making a real, healthy human in there. Although she kicks like she has many tentacles so I’m still not entirely convinced she’s not alien.


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9 responses to “A mobile to grow with her(and a bump update)

  1. That mobile is lovely! We’ve been given 2 (one Disney of course) but I’d much rather make one myself.

    I am also at a loss to explain how this baby can kick in so many directions at once! There have got to be some extra limbs in there…

  2. glenda

    What a cute idea for a mobile! And I love that you can just unclip the current danglies and swap something else in.

    You have no idea how happy these pregnant-mama pics make me, for you =). You look lovely, Steph.

  3. Jen

    that is a neat mobile
    I too LOVE the clip idea

    looking really good girl

  4. Phil Giddens

    Well done. Looking good!

  5. This is beautifuL! She is going to love it.

  6. toastandcupcakes

    Such a great idea for a mobile! Wish I had been organised and done this too. We had a bought one for Aesop, which lasted through til Otto was a month old. Then broke, and was replaced with the bike one (on my bog today!). A homemade one though is a tonne cooler.
    Your bump is looking very lovely, baby will be here before you know it!

  7. Great idea! That is really cute. I have a Montessori baby mobile hanging in my living room, even though I have no baby. I just loved the modern look of it. Yours looks like something that I would hang up as well!

  8. Fab mobile but even fabbier bump! You are starting to look wonderfully ripe. After 30 weeks things do seem to zoom along…beware the last 2 weeks though- I always felt they lasted about as long as the first 6 months of baby!

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