Thrifty score

Thrift score

New? Probably $100+. Secondhand? $30. I’ll give it a sand and paint one day and the wriggler can have her little tea parties here. Some days I just love thrifting. This whole month has been well worth the effort actually. Sometimes I walk out of a thrift store with an amazing mint condition bargain in my hands and just can’t believe that someone got rid of it. And actually I’m a little giddy with excitement that one day I get to buy a little tea set too.



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3 responses to “Thrifty score

  1. Jen

    score!!! and I KNOW how handy this is going to be in the years ahead 🙂 WTG!!

  2. glenda

    That’s a fantastic find!

    We had a plain coffee table for a period of time that I let my kiddo and his cousins turn into a “graffiti” table — I let them draw and write all over it whenever the mood struck. Wish I’d kept it, now! (One of my SILs has it, so it’s not gone forever.)

    The nice thing about inexpensive furniture is that it’s easier (in my mind, anyway!) to paint it or change it up when the urge strikes — I don’t have any qualms about experimenting on it, like I would with something pricey ;-).

  3. Valerie

    Lovely!! That will be well used and well loved, I’m sure. 😀

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