(This blog entry is bought to you by third trimester nausea and is much shorter than I originally intended. I have to go lie on the couch and whimper shortly)


Unfortunately yesterday we gave the Waldorf schools annual fair a miss. Pregnancy meant I wasn’t selling there this year and it also meant that I couldn’t face walking up the enormous zig zagging hill path to the school in the pouring rain. I was quite sad to miss it but reminded myself (as I do every day) that pregnancy will not last forever (11w5d to go and nobody mention being overdue because I will hurt you) but until it ends I have to make a few sacrifices and dying on a wet hilly path is one of them. We went to Trade Aid instead and I continued to spoil my girl by buying her a really expensive alpaca bunny. The alpaca bears and bunnies help to save the coloured alpacas in Peru – only 5% of them are coloured now. I figure it’s good for them and cuddly for her. Plus I got a free chocolate bar and that’s yum for me!



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4 responses to “Bunny

  1. toastandcupcakes

    Oooh he is quite lovely – not sure I coulda/woulda resisted either!

  2. Next year you can take your little girl to the sale and look at all the lovely things (and treat her for being good, as I often did when my daughter was little!) sarah

  3. Leslie

    Get that lazyboy and doze and dream in your nursery.:) Keep up whatever activity you can- do NOT believe breastfeeding takes weight off. I think that only works for the naturally thin (the sods).

  4. Valerie

    So cute, and such a good cause! I hope you feel better. 🙂

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