My creation

1. C, 2. Pooh and Piglet, 3. Nature Babies Summer Trio, 4. Wee Wonderful Turtle, 5. IMG_7535, 6. Queen of hearts jam tarts, 7. Peanut the Wee Elephant June Toy Society Drop, 8. Baby L with his accomplice (yes, she is literally trying to steal the food from right out of his mouth!), 9. Becca’s Hat closeup, 10. Pixie and kitty, 11. Farm Animal Swap – Bits of Goodness 2012 – Tunisian crochet knit stitch, 12. ten things i love right now, 13. shawl, 14. deer in the forrest, 15. Sophie for Pepper, 16. Izze under the tree

Now I see why pregnant women never update their blogs. We don’t do anything worth blogging about. Well there’s a few freaks with energy, mostly women with kids already who simply aren’t allowed to give in to the discomfort and lack of energy but first timers like me certainly don’t seem to do anything blogworthy. I will spare you my many whines about pregnancy for now. I’m simply too tired to write that much today. Instead I will leave you with some of my lovely flickr faves. Crafts and food and cats and babies, thats pretty much what my world has shrunk to lately. The annual Waldorf school fair in on Sunday. I usually have a stall but this year will just be a customer. I wait all year for that fair and this year I am going with money to burn! I’ll be back next week hopefully with some photos of some beautiful Waldorf treasures for my baby.



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2 responses to “Malaise

  1. Jen

    some nice photos
    cant wait to see what you get

  2. toastandcupcakes

    Crafts and food and cats and babies – this will be your world for the next few years! It’s certainly still mine!

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