Cloth bum friendly pants

Cloth bum friendly baby pants

Because the wriggler is going to wear cloth nappies she’s going to have the big padded cloth butt that goes with that. Rather than buy clothes 3 sizes too large and roll up the legs I decided it was the perfect excuse to stash dive and make her a little wardrobe of pants with room in the tush. I started months ago with the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern from Made By Rae and although I still haven’t mastered the tricky crotch (getting there!) the pattern is my definite favourite and well worth the US$10 (although I do question the shorter elastic lengths listed compared to every other pattern I own). I figure that I have no idea how tall, short, fat or thin she will be until she’s actually here (my grandma is under the delusion that she will be tall because my dad is tall which I find hilarious because the rest of my family and all of Daves are generally so short we all resemble hobbits) so I’m amusing myself making pants in various sizes and fabric weights. The pair on the left are Reversible Poofy Pants by scientificseamstress on Etsy. They are indeed poofy – perfect for those little bent ‘frog legs’ babys have. I lined them with a layer of flannel (actually a discoloured flat nappy) and they were a little TOO padded for the summer size (although this is Wellington so you never know how much wear they may get) but in a winter size the extra layer of flannel would be cosy warm. The only complaint I have is they seemed a little short when the cuffs are rolled up as per the pattern but I have no idea about how long wee noodle legs are – or are not – so they may be fine once she arrives.  One word of advice – read the instructions. It makes the reversible construction SO much easier. Yes, I learnt my lesson.

I have the worlds worst fabric coordinating ability so the linen the poofy pants are lined with does not compliment the Alexander Henry Apple and Pears fabric like I had envisioned. I tend to see a fabric I love and buy it – which means that my fabric stash is filled with fabrics I love that don’t go with a single other fabric in my stash. It does make pretty reversible pants unlikely to come out of my sewing room at the moment but right now I’m happy just pottering around in my increasingly uncomfortable state using stash fabric (finally) and reminding myself that she’s going to poop and puke on these pants and grow out of them in 5 damn minutes anyway so as long as she’s covered and warm in those first months I’m not that fussed.



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9 responses to “Cloth bum friendly pants

  1. Valerie

    These look great! We’re cloth diapering for the first time with Samuel (baby #3); we started when he was 4 months old. No one ever told me the woes of pants/shorts not fitting with cloth diapers!! My husband thinks it’s hysterical how the pants that actually fit him length-wise, are super snug on the bum (where you can see a third of the diaper stickign out the top back!) I, on the other hand, don’t think it’s so funny…. 😉

  2. Jen

    LOVE the fabric
    she has a very clever mum 🙂

  3. That fabric is adorable. The pants look wonderful! They look like something straight off the racks at some expensive baby clothing store.

  4. Love the fabric!! My baby loves it too, she’s ten now, so has an opinion!!!

  5. Fabulous, Steph! Lovely fabric, too. I MUST learn to sew!!

  6. Bec

    The Anna Marie horner pant pattern in handmade beginnings book is easy, reversible and looks great as well (It’s at the library and often available) so if you can face making more awesome pants, check it out!

  7. Frances

    Cute! You can get onesie extenders too which are great for cloth nappies. They are just a rectangle of fabric with domes on each end. The onesie domes attach to it, so it gives that extra room you need. Genius!

  8. their so cute!!! I adore the stripes. Yay for all your self seeded calendula, isn’t it great when our laziness is rewarded:) Admitedly the tomato I showed was the one and only self seeded, it came up well before the last frost so some how it survived and is way ahead of the rest

  9. So enjoy checking your updates and can’t wait to ‘meet’ your little girl on your blog too. I’ve made lots of Big Butt pants for my grandson and other little people (check ‘sewing’ on my blog if you’d like to see them). It took awhile to get the crotch just right but I got there in the end. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Lots of R &R while you can!

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