Her room

When we bought the house the room we always planned on being a nursery looked rather….bright:

Her room

Bright yellow and green. What was that dotty old lady on? We originally planned to paint that room immediately – until we found out how much paint costs. So it sat until this year. It was one of the happiest days of my life when we finished painting. lso possibly the tiredest but it was worth it. You can’t see it in the photos (typical) but the paint colour is a beautiful light meringue colour – a little hint of pink, a hint of brown, a hint of white. It all depends on the light and time of day. It was an even happier day when I got to hang new (non-musty!) curtains and put the baby furniture in. Suddenly our house had a nursery in it. Oooooh!

Her wooden cradle to the left of the door with some little shelves:

Her room

The cradle up close packed with special toys waiting for her and a sunpaint receiving blanket I bought off Etsy for her. Of all the things I wanted for her a rocking cradle and really super expensive but lovely woolen bassinet mattress were it – and yes, the mattress is currently wrapped in a black rubbish bag for protection:

Her room

The shelves filled with treasures I have made, bought and been gifted while I waited for her to exist. Swaddling wraps, blankets, booties, bibs, towels, muslin cloths. Basically you could call it the “how the hell does a tiny lump need so much stuff and where the hell do I put it all?” corner:

Her room

The fresh new curtains (they match the ones in our bedroom and I cannot tell you how fancy it feels to have two things in the whole house that match) and the toys. The (nasty, ratty, squished and probbly not safe to touch) purple elephant was my first toy 33 years ago and I made the bunny in high school home ec when I was 14:

Her room

The toy shelves. I love that everything has a story – the little music box by the rainbow was passed on from my gran, the wooden rattle at the back of the middle shelf was the first thing I ever bought with my future baby in mind 5 years ago, the little squeaky policeman is because I had one like it as a baby (my dad was a policeman), the books and blocks were carefully hunted out just for the child I wanted to have:

Her room

The dresser with changing mat and boomonster (to chase away the bad monsters) with a nappy bag at the ready. The dresser is my most bittersweet gift to my daughter – it was made for me 33yrs ago by my late grandfather. To have something her great grandfather made is a special gift:

Her room

The room I wished so hard for – our daughters room, in our own house, done just the way I wanted it. A nursing chair will eventually go in the corner and my dad gave me a lazyboy which would be comfy but I am terrified of ruining the paint (it took 2 weekends at 24 weeks pregnant, you’d treat it with kid gloves too!) so I am saving for a nice one that doesn’t rock anywhere near my precious paintjob:

Her room

There’s a few rainbow touches around the room and I ordered some decals for the wall. There will also eventually be waldorf window stars on the windows. I wanted a rainbow theme but not too tasky or in your face. I struggled for a while with the reality of having champagne tastes on a beer juice mineral water tap water budget but in the end even the 40 year old carpet doesn’t bother me. It’s all so….us. This room is us and her and exactly what our family is – ever changing, DIY, toys saved for years, things passed down with love and care for money. In the end this room is exactly what I want for my daughter – love and home and comfort.



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14 responses to “Her room

  1. Jen

    how very precious and beautiful
    I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!
    one very blessed little girl already πŸ™‚

  2. Valerie

    How special that she will get lovingly used things from her family!! I have some of my childhood stuffed animals as well (I’m 32) and my kids love them. πŸ™‚ My favorite thing in that nursery of yours is the tiny cradle-so sweet!

  3. bookwormbethie

    it’s a wonderful room, so full of old memories and new memories just waiting to happen! when are you due?!

  4. gorgeous Steph and so filled with love and memories and beautiful new memories to be made! Rachael xo

  5. Phil Giddens

    The room looks beautiful. I remember buying the little purple elephant for you all those years ago, never thinking that I’d be looking at it being displayed for my granddaughter to play with! Also, it’s lovely to see that you’ve got the dresser that Papou made for you.

  6. toastandcupcakes

    It is PERFECT. I love all the beautiful wee touches – the boo monster, the handed down toys, the exquisite wooden cradle. She sure is one lucky wee lass (already!).

  7. Leslie

    Happy for you. We painted our nursery bright blue ( two boys) never knowing there would eventually be a little girl who would have loved the old lady floral pink paper… Seriously, TAKE THE LAZYBOY. They are awesome. we have DH’s Nana’s one. Anything that comfortable is usually illegal, immoral or fattening (to paraphrase) and they lull you to sleep. You will find this a good thing.
    Also patterned old lady carpet helps disguise the biological stains!

  8. Wow, how lovely. Thank you for sharing all your precious things with us. I’ve read your blog for ages and have followed at a distance your journey to ‘here’. So happy for you and your family. Sarah

  9. glenda

    Aw, it turned out so soothing and beautiful, Steph =). Nicely done, pregnant mama! Having things in there made with love and which have meaning for you makes it even more of a special space. Definitely do *not* turn down the lazyboy!! I opted for a rocker over something like a lazyboy and there were many a night when I had a fussy baby or sick toddler or young kiddo when I was wishing for the lazyboy — you need something you can sleep sitting somewhat upright in. Even if you don’t put it in the baby’s room, have it *somewhere* in your house, ready to use =).

  10. Gorgeous! What a beautiful room for such a cherished and long-awaited little one.

  11. its gorgeous and I love the big window. I can just imagine her laying content watching the wind blow through the trees

  12. Your nursery looks gorgeous.
    Like you, I didn’t have endless funds to supply our nursery – we had lots of hand me downs and donations. I think the two most important things are a good pram and a good sling.
    I love your cradle – it’s so beautiful.

  13. bookwormbethie

    p.s. agreed, take the lazy boy. and speaking of your precious paint job, i hate to tell ya, but one day your darling daughter is going to graffiti it with crayons or something worse like a diaper, ack!

  14. You’ve probably already done this but just in case– have you checked that the soft woollen mattress is safe? Firm mattresses are recommended for babies: http://www.sidsandkids.org/faq/

    Hope I don’t come off as rude here, just trying to help πŸ™‚

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