The ginger ratbag

We’re painting the babys room at the moment. It took us all Sunday to do two coats of primer and we have plans to spend one day this coming weekend doing the coats of paint – even if it’s pouring with torrential rain. My belly is growing by the week and we need to finish with the chair climbing and being extra active asap! Fingers crossed that this time next week I will be hanging curtains, wheeling the cradle in and filling the room with baby things. In the meantime the poor cats are freaking out. All this rearranging usually means we are moving and moving means one thing to the boys – spending the day in a cat cage. Rastus bit Dave on moving day once so thats another reason to hurry up and get it done! See you next week with hopefully the beginnings of the nursery I have wanted for so very long! I’m determined to prove that those so called ‘budget’ nurseries you see online that cost a ‘tiny’ $750 or whatever have met their match in this thrifty pregnant woman! Until then here’s a picture of Big Ears:




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3 responses to “The ginger ratbag

  1. Jen

    cant wait to see what it looks like 🙂

  2. bookwormbethie

    I hope you and Dave have a fabulous time decorating the nursery. Make sure he does all the grunt work, please don’t hurt yourself trying to decorate your baby girl’s room.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Jen – I can’t wait to see it either! Budget nurseries, schmudget nurseries!

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