Baby sewing and baby growing

The baby sewing:

Baby smocks

The pink smocks fit up to 6 months and the free pattern from here. I even had the same pillowcase as the woman who wrote the tutorial. Suddenly saving it for months and months all made sense. I still have the other half of it left too. The pink floral one was a sheet and that side was originally meant to be the backing but the front ended up looking so pink I couldn’t stand the thought of my daughter in it. I was sewing from stash fabric and wanted to use what I had hence a little more pink than I feel comfortable about. She’ll reach an age one day where everything has to be pink but I don’t want rush it. Still, for a summer baby sheets and pillowcases make the perfect lightweight outfits and I can’t freak out when she barfs on a dress that was once a 50 cent vintage pillowcase.

The blue smock fits as a dress from 6-12 months and as a top up to 2 years or so. The tutorial is from here. Because it will fit her at an age where she is more aware of her surroundings I avoided pink totally and made it it in a blue linen from a very large pillowcase. (I swear my stash is more than just pillowcases and sheets and I’m not raiding the linen cupboard!) I plan on sewing an embellishment of some sort of the front but the options are more than my tired brain can take right now.

The baby growing:


22w4d – I have exploded in the last few weeks and have walked into stuff more than once because I forgot I had so much ‘frontal bulk’. Still I went through a tough journey to get to this point so if fat I gotta get then fat I’ll get! (the only problem with getting so big so suddenly is the acid reflux as my stomach has been squashed. Ick. Please say I’m out of new pregnancy side effects now and can just concentrate on dealing with the ones I have already?)



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6 responses to “Baby sewing and baby growing

  1. aww your gorgeous belly! Hello little baby girl in there 🙂 her dresses are gorgeous especially the holly hobby one, I had the same fabric as curtains when I was a little girl

  2. Jen

    looking good there 🙂

    and your daughter is gonna be such a beautifully dressed little girl 🙂

  3. I got acid reflux later on in pregnancy. Over here (uk) the midwife at the time gave me a liquid to take. It’s worth asking, as mine lasted right up to birth !! Like you say it’s a small price to pay, all be worth it in the end. Sarah

  4. bookwormbethie

    love that baby bump, so cute on you! and it must be so amazing to be sewing now since you know the sex of your baby! eep! a million congrats again to you and dave. this baby girl is going to be so loved! i’m sure y’all will choose a most beautiful name for her!

  5. glenda

    Oh, Steph, you look beautiful =). That baby girl of yours sure makes a pretty bump. Thanks so much for posting a picture!!

    I *love* the smocks, especially the Holly Hobby one. How wonderful to be able to repurpose pillowcases and sheets that way!

    Ugh, acid reflux. Mine was horrible, particularly during the last trimester. When my Gyn showed me a drawing of exactly how the stomach and other organs get smooshed around to make room for baby, I better understood why I had reflux All. The. Time. — poor stomach sure gets shoved way up in the torso! Hope you can find something to help alleviate the burning.

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