– This week is sewing my ass off week (I wish it worked like that, I’d sew every week). My fabric stash is small but my cupboard space is smaller and so now I know that it was worth saving all those pink fabrics for so long I can put them to good use. Smocks, pants, oh the plans! The next blog post should be very cute indeed.

– Sewing is the craft of choice around here because…sob…carpal tunnel has hit. I had it before pregnancy so I wasn’t surprised to get it now but I was slightly surprised that pregnancy carpal tunnel is like having your hands run through a mincer. Wrists that feel like every bone has been broken, burning fingers all night long. So no knitting until I give birth! I’m not impressed with that at all.

– My belly has exploded. I look Quite Pregnant. A friend dropped by yesterday and her eyes nearly fell out of her head. Yes, I get it. I got big fast. I’ve noticed. Dave has been called on several times to help me out of my chair. I call myself the Hungry Hippo now. I’ll shock you with a photo sometime.

– The best part of nesting has finally arrived – the urge to bake. There’s a chocolate cake ready and waiting for me to ice it. I think that if I turn into a baking fool though it might be time to invest in a proper cake mixer. The hand mixer, while adequate, gets a bit tricky to manuveur when you’re trying to hold a tea towel over the (too small) bowl to stop splatters. The tea towel sagged too close to the mixer blades and….one big fat mess in 3 nanoseconds.




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8 responses to “Points

  1. glenda

    Pregnancy bump photo???

    Sorry about the carpal tunnel :(. I met a lady earlier this year who said hers flared up horribly while pregnant — apparently that is not an uncommon thing. She, too, had to give up knitting (and embroidery), but was still able to sew and quilt. Yay for sewing machines! 😉

  2. Jen

    was the towel dirty or clean before this happened?
    if it was clean Im thinking you could still eat your baking

  3. bugger about the carpal tunnel, hopefully it will ease up. Glad to hear you can still do some sewing and baking. I look forward to seeing your sewing and belly pic:) I do the tea towl over mixer trick too and always end up with a filthy tea towel, I havent done quite as well as you yet though!

  4. Leslie

    I used to get ‘cast’ in the deep sofa. Like a big old pregnant ewe. My husband used to joke (ha…ha…) about “getting the prying stick” to get me out. Once he went to bed and left me in the bath nine months pregnant. It’s not so much a glamorous or dignified life stage.
    But still- nice problems to have, given the cause. 🙂

  5. Sorry about the carpal tunnel. I’ve got a tip for you about the mixer though. Try using some wax paper next time. You can even cut a circle in the center for the mixer. Blessings!

  6. If the mixing disaster happened at my house, my little boy would want to lick the towel!!! At least carpal tunnel doesn’t stop you eating cake. Enjoy. Sarah

  7. I finally got a mixmaster for my birthday this year and it’s the best thing ever. I can make light cakes and bread doughs and biscuits and if I get the right attachment I can even make ice-cream. All low fat and totally healthy!!
    That’s such a bugger about the carpal tunnel – That would be so painful 😦
    Can’t wait to see your belly pick. I love pregnant bellies 🙂

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