The bit I’ve been waiting for

The anatomy scan. It’s even cooler than the 12 week scan. Everything is just so much more developed. It’s not just 2 lines down their back now. It’s individual (and beautiful) spine vertebrae:


Individual finger bones:


Boom. Thats my mind being totally blown. It’s not just vertebrae and finger bones either. It’s vertebrae and finger bones that I grew. We even saw the tongue moving while the baby drank amniotic fluid. As it happened inside me. Renal arteries. The 4 chambers of the heart beating. Dave is completely shell shocked!

I was totally desperate to find out the gender. I figured that after making its mother wish she was dead for most of the first 16 weeks that a gender was a small thing to ask for. The baby disagreed. Despite moving like mad it tucked its feet over its crotch and clamped its legs shut. Then it draped the cord over its crotch then it covered itself with its hand. I appreciate modesty but what a time to pick! I was literally on the verge of tears and the technician was on the verge of having me jump up and down!


By the time we finally got a peek I was so relieved and in awe that I did have a little cry. I have said since our 12 week scan that it was a boy. Apparently mothers intuition means nothing. Meet our daughter. I’m so happy I think I might go and have another little cry. I’ve wanted a daughter for as long as I have wanted a baby.



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19 responses to “The bit I’ve been waiting for

  1. I am just so pleased for you. I know my heart was ready to burst with happiness when I found out I was having a girl and she is still a source of huge joy and love to me 27 years later.

  2. Jen

    so happy for you 🙂

  3. Made me smile just reading this. I remember the excitement! So happy for all of you. 🙂

  4. Oh gosh now tears of emotion are even more rolling down… can a keyboard stand that much water ?!!
    All that you wrote is all that I felt (except I “knew” I expected a baby girl) yes I remember… and I’m beyond HAPPY for you both, and happy for this little girl that she has such wonderful parents xoxo

  5. aww, your sweet little girl kept you in suspense for a while, I wonder if that means shes going to be a cheeky one? 🙂 how exciting to see how shes growing and developing

  6. oh wow! Congratulations! wonderful news.

  7. Such fabulous news! Man, scans blow my mind.

  8. Sarah

    I secretly wanted a girl first time around, so convinced myself it was a boy (don’t want to look disappointed at the birth). Now my daughter is ten, she brings me joy every day. Soooo pleased for you both. Now you just need to be patient and wait. Sarah x x x

  9. This is so exciting! I am going in for my 19-week scan in less than 2 weeks and I can’t wait. These images are amazing!

  10. HW

    This is just amazing. I am so happy for you, my eyes are all teary!

  11. highwaycottage

    So pleased to see things are going great for you. Congratulations on growing your daughter

  12. Niki

    Life is trully amazing! Congratulations, been lurking and following your story for ages. Time I said hello from NI!

  13. bookwormbethie


  14. I am blinking bck tears of joy for you . I remember it well 15 years ago( although I didn’t find out til she was born) I really wanted a girl and she is still my utter joy! You will have to start thinking of names now!

  15. Leslie

    Bless, Steph! Now for the rosy, apricoty, berry, PINK knitting. Awesome. I promise she won’t look like Alien when she arrives. I waited for my girl- and yes, she is the light of my life. Pretty keen on my boys as well though…

  16. glenda

    Oh, Steph, how exciting!!! It’s so fun to have a little more specific idea of whether you should think “boy” or “girl” =). I’m so happy for you guys.

  17. tears in my eyes, so incredibly happy for you both! So precious! xo

  18. Yay! I’m so excited and happy for you. : )

  19. Daughters are amazing! I’m sooooooooo excited for you!

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