The cat in the hat

The cat in the hat

Neither of the catterpusses are going to be very impressed once the baby arrives but at the same time I can’t help but think they might be very, very relieved. Things tend to happen to them when I get bored. This is the one that still lets things happen to him.



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8 responses to “The cat in the hat

  1. Jen

    LOL poor puss puss 🙂

  2. Just needs the smoking jacket…

  3. ha! very cute Steph! I would say they will be immensely relieved they won’t have to play baby with you anymore! lol Rachael xo

  4. poor kitty looks unimpressed! adorable hat though:)

  5. glenda

    This one had me laughing out loud ;-). That is one very tolerant kitty!

    Is your energy level picking up a wee bit more?

  6. Leslie

    Hmmm. The cat in the hat says **** that! 😉

  7. Sarah

    Love your cat in a hat, not sure how the cat feels!!

  8. bookwormbethie

    LOL, hope you annd your belly are doing good!

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