Planning ahead

Planning ahead

Life is going so slowly in our house right now you’d think it had stopped. The nausea is not receding nearly fast enough for me to do anything and the lack of energy is driving me bonkers. I’m still finding a comfortable level of activity to do on a good day so I can avoid a bad one the next day. I vacuumed 3 rooms this week and went for a long walk on the same day. I was practically comatose the next day. I learnt a big lesson that day. Vacuuming is bad for you. Anyway…I am almost totally prepared for the baby. Seriously I’ll be 14 weeks and I only need the stroller and a baby bath. I found the stroller (and then found it cheaper online, yay!) and a friend is giving me a baby bath. Sorted. One thing I am desperate to do though and can’t is to sew. I can’t even bring myself to knit so much as a stitch (wierd right? I should be a knitting fool right now!) but oh I am itching to sew my wee babe some little thermal pants for its first winter, a few mama made tshirts and some stretchy pants for that ample cloth bum (I do love cloth tushies on babies!). Now I just have to wait for the energy to show up. I’m all ready to go the second it arrives.


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7 responses to “Planning ahead

  1. Leslie

    Slow down! You have waited so long for this, Steph. Relax and smell the flowers- if that doesn’t make you sick as well. There’s no rush, you will probably feel better soon. Just go with the exhaustion, it’s your body adjusting to the hormones. Store up all the sleep you can now- in a year you’ll wonder what you ever did before!

  2. Jen

    Praying for you
    hope you feel better soon
    Id ditto Leslies advice
    you have another 6 or so months to go
    go with what youre body is telling you to do
    and ENJOY!!
    I LOVED being preggy in the middle trimester and 3rd one except when it came to Daniel
    the rascal made me sick all over again in that trimester never heard of that happening before thou
    take one day at a time
    walks are good!!

  3. Dont forget, you will probably be given a LOT of baby clothes when little one arrives, you could rest now, and make some clothes when baby is older? Just go with what your body is telling you to do…I am telling you that you can fight it ,but you wont win!! xx

  4. Oh my God, Steph – you’re putting me to shame! I have bought exactly nothing for my babies yet; in fact, the only thing they have so far is a little wooden crocodile bought by a friend of mine, a half-finished cot blanket my mother is knitting, and a half-finished Noah’s Ark embroidery that I’m making! So the nursery will look nice, even if they’re sleeping in drawers and being carted around in a wheelbarrow…

  5. Rhiannon

    Woah, woman! I know the feelings all too well – so sick, but realllllly want to make, make, make! I promise you, you can slow down a little and rest now, there will be time to get it all done when you are feeling better.
    Pregnancy is a funny one, you feel so gross for a lot of it (most people anyway..) but once it’s all over you wish you had slowed down and appreciated it more.

  6. glenda

    That’s pretty awesome, Steph, that you are just a hair shy of having everything you need =). I know it feels good to get those “to-do’s” marked off your list.

    Hmmmmm, could you do the sewing in tiny little steps? Something like this: set up the machine and get it threaded one day . . . take several different days to cut out the fabric . . . get it pinned and ready to sew another day . . . then lay it all by your sewing machine so you can sew for 5 minutes or 15 minutes or maybe even for an hour whenever you get a burst of energy. I know that the idea of doing a sewing project in one fail swoop tends to put me off from ever starting it (but then sewing is one of my least favorite things to do, even though I’m usually happy with the end result!).

    Is there anything you want / need to do to the baby’s room before s/he makes an appearance?

  7. Yes, be sure to enjoy this time! 🙂 I hope though that the nausea recedes soon though for you & you are able to stitch/knit 🙂

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