I finished something

Teething ring

I actually finished a crafty project. A maple teething ring with a cotton flap for the baby to slobber on if they prefer fabric over wood. I got all fancy and used a COWYAK provisional cast on so there’s no seam on either side. Oooh, fancy. I actually have 5 of these teething rings to make and only finished one….and it’s a fairly small something but still it’s a something and it’s finished so it counts. I’m officially a hot mess these days…only not so hot. Mostly just a mess. I’ve had some pretty extreme nausea lately and have found life pretty rough. But I’m 12 weeks tomorrow and oh so excited about the approach of trimester 2. I have to be honest….I am finding pregnancy to be much harder than I expected. Anyway…I think that this time I actually, really, truly am starting to feel human more and more often. And I am super excited about getting the urge to sew. I’m just waiting for the energy to match the urge. Any day now….



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7 responses to “I finished something

  1. Ken

    Glad you’re doing so well. 🙂 With the third I spewed every day to 20 weeks (and blood pressure so low I could not stand), she’s perfect. Yes, it is hard work- first third sick, second meant to be best, third enormous and piddly. THEN you get a BABY. And wonder what you ever did with all that time and sleep before. So happy for you.
    Plus the baby will only want to chew on: your hair, the handle of the really expensive leather bag you can’t replace, really dirty keys, or the cat toy, etc. They DO have a sense of humour…

  2. Leslie

    Aah, not Ken, Leslie. He’s been on the bike forums again.

  3. Jen

    hopefully with the start of your 2nd trimester you will start to feel better

    I really like the teething ring 🙂 WTG!!

  4. glenda

    What a pretty teething ring, and the embroidered goody under it is cute as well.

    I hope things mellow out for you during the 2nd trimester =). It really is hard to have a true sense of what to expect with the first pregnancy and first child!

  5. (sorry it is hard but…) this makes me so happy to read ! trimestre 2 is a bliss so don’t you worry about that. and please don’t buy a Kaloo right ? far-away provider to be advised, as promised 😉 xoxo

  6. na

    So happy for you! With the third one I was nauseous all the time( morning sickness my butt!); and I worked in a deli. So not fun 😦 . I ate alot of soda crackers. I also found that eating just a little every two hours ( as opposed to eating meals) was much easier and helped me keep food down. Take care of yourself and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. bookwormbethie

    steph, glad you updated us with your pregnancy progress. i send you a big hug and i hope you get to feeling better soon. your hormones and such should sort themselves as you start your 2nd trimester. this is so incredibly exciting, i’m sure dave and your family (and you!!!!) are on cloud 9 and can’t wait to hold your precious baby in their arms someday!!!!!

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