Baby steps

If I thought I was tired before I was wrong. W.R.O.N.G. And if I ever felt lazy…I shouldn’t have. Now I know what lazy feels like. I look at the list of planned baby knitting and laugh hysterically. Well no, laughing uses too much energy. But I certainly snort and roll my eyes. Currently a good day includes doing the dishes. Or making dinner. Or doing laundry. Doing one of those is a good day. Doing two is a miracle. Perhaps later on I’ll have some freakish nesting fit where I find myself able to knit a full cardigan in half an hour. But for now this is my progress:

Slow slow progress

It’s taken me 3 weeks at an average of a row a day. I had a freakish day where I knit 5 rows but then I didn’t pick it up for about 4 days. Obviously 5 rows just wore me out. Oh well, I have time. And I’m going to need all of it at this rate.

Vintage highchair

Dave voluntarily took me to the thrift store today and I finally found something I have been hunting for, for a long time. A vintage wooden high chair! My mum had one as a baby, I had one as a baby and I am ridiculously overexcited that my child will have one as a baby. I can’t stand those enormous plastic things. It needs to be cleaned and repainted and that decal will have to be removed. That will have to wait for the nesting (and money – man, paint is pricey!) but I am so happy I found one for only $15. I just wish I had found it before I bought a fancy wooden one for $100! Isn’t that always the way?



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4 responses to “Baby steps

  1. Big out breath of relief……I was so hoping your absence on the blog was because you were resting and sleeping and you are! Yippee!

    We had a high chair like this for our kids(now adults) – complete with potty hole under the seat thingy ( what was that about?! yuk) which I never used.

    I’m sure Dave would have checked the sliders and catch for the tray but they can get very worn over the years and not be as secure as they need to be for a vigorous baby eating and wriggling as they do.

    Fingers crossed for some energy for you soon but for now grow that precious wee one.

  2. Catherine McGuire

    Rest, relax and enjoy and don’t stress about the energy levels. You will get a new surge of energy at about 3-4 months, and its surprising how you learn to shut your eyes to all but the absolute necessary chores. So please for you both.

  3. Jen

    just rest as you need too
    its very excitig that youre preggy and Im sure youre energy levels will come back

    good score on that highchair maybe you could sell the other one
    i agree with your first commenter just check the safety aspects 🙂

  4. Love the high chair what an awesome find! Jenny

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