Our second cycle has begun! Yes! I am 8 days in and have an embryo transfer scheduled for mid May – dependant on the outcome of the scn and blood test. Only one blood test! Pills, not needles! Lots and lots of pills but still…no needles. I’m getting lovely throbby headaches but they are really a piece of cake compared to an egg growing cycle. It’s all good. But you know whats not good for IVF success? Stress. Stress like fence vandals who think it’s funny to do this:


We’ve got padlocks and extra locks on our property but then they go and remind us we have a 20 year old piece of crap fence with rotten paling that are too far apart and not high enough. Ever since I realised how exposed our property is I have lived in a state of constant…stress/fear/worry/hyper ninja alertness. It takes its toll!


Nothing like making you feel vulnerable. Winter is so close now, the rain has arrived this week in fact. But rather than wait for late Spring when the ground dries (our clay soil turns to a bog in winter) for a new fence like we had hoped to we suddenly decided that it was clearly time. Now. ASAP. After a trip to the bank the builders started yesterday by demolishing the old fence.


Bye you piece of crap fence! No more vandal friendly palings to kick in. But until we get that lovely tall coloursteel fence up tomorrow we are 1 night into our 2 nights of being completely fence free. This is not an area where that is a recommended lifestyle choice. Sleep was not an option last night. But tomorrow we should have a lovely and taller green steel fence that hides our washing line (the old people who lived here before us basically had their undies on display for 20 years!), prevents access to the property SO much better, hides any kids toys that might one day end up scattered around the lawn and means that we can finally have a back yard that is not on total display.


It’s all on the list of things to do to prepare for a child one day soon! The only big thing on the list after the fence is…strip and paint the nursery! I have the colour chosen, the only problem is which shade? There’s like 20. I think I need a trip to the bakery.



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4 responses to “De-fence-less

  1. Jen

    my thoughts and prayers are with you

    grrrrrrrrrrr vandals!!

  2. Fingers and toes crossed and prayers too! Karma will come and bite the vandals! Rachael xo

  3. Grr feel for you! Although we have had nothing recently! Everything crossed for this round x

  4. I’m sorry to hear this has been causing you stress. Hopefully your new one will be up by now x

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