Claret Cowl

Claret cowl

After casting on a month ago I finished my claret cowl inspired by Ginnys gorgeous yellow one. This is the first ‘just for me’ thing I have knit. Which possibly explains why it took so long. The Malabrigo silky merino yarn was my consolation purchase for being unsuccessful at IVF cycle 1. If I hd succeeded it would been my ‘reward’ though because lets face it – I’m never going to pass up a chance to buy Malabrigo. This was my first try using silky merino whih is a DK weight and while it pilled a little it is like butter against my skin. I thought that it would be a bit bluer/grayer than it turned out to be when it arrived. I was like “pssshh, a purple sky?” Turns out even we get purple skies. That shut me up!

Evening sky

And I thought I better mention that my appointment with Doctor Handsome went very well on the 10th. He is even more delicious than I remember and he said that we can try again next cycle. I will be doing a manufactured cycle which means there is a small mountain on pills and pessaries waiting for me. But if it works then I know that all the hassle will feel like it was just a tiny little moment in time!



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7 responses to “Claret Cowl

  1. Jen

    LOVE your cowl 🙂

    beautiful sunset

    all the best my dear friend praying for you 🙂 xoxox

  2. Goodluck – I have been reading your journey and have my fingers crossed for a positive. X

  3. Gorgeous cowl! You’ll definitely get some use out of that now the weather is cooling off.

    Good luck with your next cycle of IVF.

  4. bookwormbethie

    your cowl is just lovely and fingers crossed for your next IVF!

  5. Love your cowl. Beautiful color. And good luck with the next round of IVF.

  6. The pattern is just stunning. Such an unusual knit. Does it have a name – I would love to try it…

  7. what a beautiful colour and gorgeous pattern. Good luck with the next round of IVF

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