Baby blues

Stone blue

I started this little (0-3m size) Beyond Puerperium cardigan during my 2 week wait (which is technically 9 days but anyway) and finished the body in 6 days. After I got my negative I took the best part of a month to finish the arms. I swear I knit and I knit and the bloody things never grew. But finally last night arm number 2 was officially the same length as arm number 1 and I was done. There are more mistakes in this little cardigan than I want to think of, it really is riddled with them. But I’m philosophical about it now it’s finished – a baby won’t care as long as it keeps them warm, an adult won’t notice once a baby is in it and if anyone points out my mistakes I’ll just bop them in the nose. Simple!



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6 responses to “Baby blues

  1. Leslie

    Beautiful, Steph. Your baby won’t care about mistakes. There are much bigger ones to come…;)
    Anyway, all a learning process. I picked up my needles for the first time in nearly ten years. I’m crap now but will be pretty satisfied if I finish this cardigan for my little girl. Course it’s not pink so there may…be…resistance.
    Very glad to see you poke your head up from the parapet again.

  2. Jen

    well it looks lovely to me
    i like the colour, style and I bet its nice and warm too

  3. It looks perfect to me. Who gets to wear it is very lucky to have to knit for them! When you figure out why sleeves take forever to knit please let me know–eventiny baby sleeves take awhile!

  4. Heckety

    Love the variation is blue as it goes…and bopping sounds very sensible, must remember that for the future!!

  5. Ok , I admit it…I have never even made anything as big as that! ha ha , my mum made all my kid’s baby cardigans!
    I love it, and cannot see any mistakes!

  6. Mistakes… what mistakes??? 🙂
    Your little comments made me giggle for a while… keep your chin up Hun x

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