Winter preparations

Bare Branches

A bare branches cowl in Malabrigo Silky Merino. I think it will pill in about 5 seconds flat but silk and merino? I’ll probably wear it until it falls apart. Because it’s for me. Knitting just for me. Not for a baby or someone else. Oh I can barely stand how happy it makes me.

Orange you glad I can knit?

Dave’s BIL is obsessed with orange and his wife has asked me to make him a hat. I picked Malabrigo Rios this time. I like to vary my Malabrigo obsession. 4 months ago I hadn’t knitted a stitch with it and now I have so much of it stashed you’d think I had shares in the company.



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4 responses to “Winter preparations

  1. must be very handy having a knitter in the family 🙂

  2. bookwormbethie

    I think this will be good to make something for you and something for your BIL. You will make things again for the baby, but for now, it’s good to channel some of that creativity and amazing knitting skills for something for you and for your BIL.

  3. Good you are doing something for you! Hope you are ok! I think of you often! Rachael xo

  4. Based on the yarn selection, I’m sure both hats will be lovely. BTW- found you via Flickr (yarn cakes).

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