A hat to say thank you

First hat

A hat to say thank you to Dave for taking me to so many blood tests last month – and for the one or more cycles still to come. Just like winter is coming. Oooh boy is winter coming. Next on the needles is a cowl for me – my ivf treat was a skein of Malabrigo Silky Merino. Then a shawl or two is in order. The keyword this winter is definitely going to be comfort.

Swirly hat

It’s my first project knit in the round – not just magic looped like all the baby sleeves I’ve done but cast on in the round and everything. I am sickeningly proud of it. I mean really, look at that swirl of decreases. Gorgeous. And do you know what else? I think that I am officially ready to say that I now know enough to be an intermediate knitter. Oh that feels good.

(Thank you for all your kind words. I’m feeling better although still….not right yet. My review appointment is April 10th and perhaps I’ll dare to feel a little hope after that.)


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5 responses to “A hat to say thank you

  1. glenda

    Oh, wow, Steph, that is KILLER cool :-). You *should* be proud of it!! I bet Dave will be happy wearing it.

  2. pleased you posted I was thinking about you 🙂

    you SHOULD be proud of that hat
    looks very good to me and I bet Dave loves it

    still thinking and praying for you my dear friend xoxox

  3. ordinarygood

    It is a beautifully knitted hat. Wonderful neat tension. Can you post the pattern and yarn you used pleased?

    Sending you healing vibes….

  4. The hat is gorgeous and you should be proud!
    I’ve recently knitted the Mara shawl and it’s amazing – all squishy goodness and a nice easy knit. I’ve become obsessed with shawls and scarves as they are such nice quick knits. I like that instant gratification.
    Goodluck with the 10th!

  5. bookwormbethie

    steph, i think you were born to knit, you have progressed so far and that had is freakin’ awesome, i know dave will love it! i’ll be keeping you in my thoughts….

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