Beyond Puerperium…again

Beyond Puerperium...Again

My third time knitting this (including the free newborn version “Puerperium‘), using Malabrigo yarn every time. This is the 0-3m size and although the colour turned out to be nothing like the etsy photo I have grown to like it. I am using my new Knit Pro interchangable needles and I think they make me knit so much faster. The nickel needles are slick but have just enough grip. Best knitting investment ever.

Blood test in two days.



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2 responses to “Beyond Puerperium…again

  1. bookwormbethie

    so has Petri been inserted into his proper home yet? is he in your belly? seems like you are continuing with the blue yarn theme πŸ˜‰

    fingers crossed for your blood test in 2 days. then i assume now, that yes, Petri has been inserted into his proper home πŸ˜‰ Do you think you are going to take a HPT? Even the faintest of double lines (or whatever the test says means you are preggers) is good news!

  2. Jen

    very nice

    i was waiting with bated breath while your blog opened I was ready to either cry or celebrate with you I was almost getting ready to do the happy dnace
    you are very much in my thoughts and prayers at the moment plz do let us know asap

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