Off The Needles

Aqua Beyond Puerperium

Finally something comes off the needles. This took forever – the difference in size between the newborn one I made and this 6-12m one is quite terrifying. But I am so happy with it. I finished it yesterday, 1 day post transfer so only one day later than I hoped to. 1 day late is practically on time for me. The yarn (Cascade 200 Quatro Superwash) was not my favourite in the end. It is soft but I suspect it could have a slight itch factor although blocking softened it further. And it curled like crazy. I’m a lazy knitter and don’t block anything but this was always going to be something that had to be blocked to make it look like it should. Although it appears to have made my tension difference in one of the sleeves so noticeable that it’s all I can see. Oops! I’m not sure why one shoulder is so loose. I guess this project reflects my mood as I moved through the last month of treatment. And if I put it like that then actually I think it’s perfect the way it is. Made by me with love and intent for my future Petri – whether it’s Petri the first or one of his 5 frozen siblings.


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6 responses to “Off The Needles

  1. ordinarygood

    Love the colour. Did you accidently use different size needles on the sleeve with the tension difference?
    Fingers crossed for you……

  2. this is so pretty! the colour is absolutely perfect.
    and i’m rooting for petri to stick around for you!
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  3. your little petri will look mighty adorable in this! Ive had my eye out for some yarn this colour since seing something similar on frontier dreams. Now that I see how cute it is with this pattern I want some even more. I must get back to casting on for the blue and white stripes cardi!

  4. the sweater of the child is so cute, Your life looks very full indeed, and I can hear your gratitude, and I know it runs deep for many reasons. I am a ‘fan’ of yours, and it will be so much fun to see what inspires such a creative, talented crafter!

  5. This is divine! Best of luck with your blood test too

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