Egg collection

After weeks of treatment, 5 blood tests and a scan we had egg collection yesterday and it could not have gone better. Well maybe it could have been less painful but this is obviously a ‘no pain, no gain’ sort of deal. Dave says I was conscious during collection but I needed two does of the drugs so I have no memory of it and only came around at the end to wobble back to the recovery cubicle. The final tally was 17 eggs – a pretty impressive haul indeed! We had to wait until today to find out how many were actually mature and of those how many fertilised. We got 11 injectable eggs (I am so proud of myself and my body) and of those TEN of them fertilised and one was apparently still thinking about it. There’s always one idiot in the pack right? Between now and transfer day (most likely Monday) it’s most likely that some will not continue to divide as they should but if we reach Monday with 5 or more viable embryo’s then my head will most likely explode from the joy of it all. They will call us every morning and let us know how many are progressing. The more we get the more we can freeze and use for FET (frozen embryo transfer) if the fresh transfer fails (not that it will of course). It never hurts to have a few spares just in case or we could try for a second baby from any ‘frosties’ later on. Because one day maybe Dave won’t go white as a sheet at the thought of two children. One distant day.

Mr Plod

The picture is unrelated – obviously. I got it for free from the thrift store today and it’s very similar to one I had as a child which always makes me happy.



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8 responses to “Egg collection

  1. Jen

    continuing to pray for you both
    really good news 🙂

  2. Glad to hear the good news ~ well done to you :O)x

  3. bookwormbethie

    wow, what an amazing journey for you! if you don’t use all your viable embryos can you donate them to some other want-to-be-mommy who doesn’t have ones of her own??? and if all goes according to plan, are they going to put more than 1 embryo inside you?? when you will officially be pregnant?? i honestly don’t mean to be asking so many personal (and probably nosey) questions, but you and dave are having a most interesting experience to say the least and i’m just curious.

    that puppy policeman (?) is cute, i can’t help but thinking it’s got to be a “sign” of some kind that means good things are ahead.

  4. Just wonderful news!! All the best (that really is an impressive haul!)

  5. Leslie

    How clever of the turtle
    in a fix
    to be so fertile!

    Good luck!

  6. I am soo excited! Clever girl ( ovaries??lol) Can’t wait to hear the next news xxx

  7. glenda

    ===Because one day maybe Dave won’t go white as a sheet at the thought of two children.===

    I love that you nearly always give me a chuckle with your posts ;-).

    Thanks for being so open about what you guys are going through. I’ll be thinking “5 or more” thoughts for you guys this weekend!

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