A very big week

This is The BIG Week!! We have egg collection tomorrow! I took my trigger shot last night and woke up this morning feeling like an inflated beach ball. The trigger shot Ovidrel (which according to the information leaflet in the box is made from genetically engineered chinese hamsters!) sort of speeds up the maturation of the eggs (as I understand it anyway) and etc etc etc. All I know is that I’m been increasingly uncomfortable in the belly area since Friday and the Ovidrel seems to have kicked that up a notch overnight. But if it makes lots of nice plump healthy eggs then it’s all good! Also all good is my recent purchases:


You may remember that this year was all about destashing: knitting from the stash and not buying any more until it was nearly all gone. And you also may remember how I broke that plan twice on January the 1st. Apparently after that I just completely gave up on the idea. Two etsy purchases and a LYS purchase have made me feel pretty good this week – it’s been all about rewards and goals (baby knitting) during this process. Although I’m trying to be a little bit realistic – if it does fail I have yarn to make Dave a hat. It never hurts to be kind to the man who drove you to 3 7am blood tests in 7days and a scan at 8.30am on a Sunday. (The scan showed 11 decent sized follicles and 10 small ones – the balls of fluid that contain the eggs! I’ll let you know how many eggs we get.)



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5 responses to “A very big week

  1. all the best with your egg collection!!!

  2. Yay super exciting!! Good luck 😀

  3. I’m all a quiver for you and anticipating good news …. great yarn btw

    Lots of gentle hugs xxx

  4. Exciting stuff all round! I dearly hope the egg collection( as well as the yarn) creates wonderful things for you x

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