I got my blood test results yesterday afternoon and am happy to report that my estrogen (technically I think it’s oestrodial) levels are getting there. Like most parts of my life it seems I’m just being a little bit slow about it. Bloody typical. But I feel much more postive now there’s progress. After Tuesdays low levels I flipped out totally and got really paranoid. But now I am a lot calmer. Because lets be honest – there’s very few parts of my life where I’m not just a wee bit slow. World’s slowest knitter (finally up to the sleeves), world’s slowest wheeziest runner, I’m not always a lightning fast thinker for that matter. But I get there in the end on all those occasions and I will on this one too. I have a scan on Sunday morning to check the progress in there and the scan results will help determine what day we are hopefully looking at for egg collection. Until then I have sleeves to knit. One day soon I’ll have a baby who grows far too fast for their mama’s liking so I guess I’ll try savour these slow days while I have them. Although I might try to knit just a wee bit faster. My ‘To Knit’ list is enormous.


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3 responses to “Slow

  1. Thats great news Steph. Try and stay positive – it will only help. Oh and farm out your “to knit” list to others. Keep the special ones for yourself and let the rest of us get busy.

  2. Glenda

    Thinking the good thoughts for Sunday’s scan!

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